Here Are 10 Most Powerful Eternals Who Were Left Out Of The Movie

Sersi and Ikaris, two of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appear in Eternals. While the Eternals’ combined power in the film is astounding, many more powerful Eternals from the comics were left out of the film. A few of them are more mighty than the Eternals in the MCU and could be among the Marvel Universe’s most powerful beings. There is a chance that a few characters from the new movie will make their way into the MCU sooner rather than later.


Domo refers to both a starship and a fictional character for those unfamiliar with the Marvel Comics universe. In Eternals #5, Domo made his debut. As a member of the Eternals, he is indestructible and immortal. His strength, speed, and stamina appear to be equal to that of all other Eternals. As Zuras’s chief administrator, he frequently appeared in a floating chair, like Metron, another Jack Kirby creation from New Gods, one of Kirby’s most important DC Comics works.


Uranos is one of the oldest and most potent Eternals. As an Eternal, Uranos was immortal and possessed superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. He was, however, a different kind of Eternal. In the upcoming Eternals: The Undying miniseries, a new version of him, Uranos the Undying, will be introduced. “omnigenocidal” appears to be the most potent label for this version. There was a civil war among the Eternals that culminated in the exile of Uranos to Titan.


Valkin, like most ancient Eternals, is a force to be reckoned with. He is indestructible, able to teleport, and can fly at the same time. Thor Annual #7, which helped advance the Eternals mythos, showcased his superior strength in a battle with Thor. This is what sets him apart from his fellow superhumans. On his own, Valkin could defeat Thor and prove his power was equal to that of Asgard. Additionally, Valkin is a brilliant military strategist who has played a vital role in many of the millennia-spanning battles against the Deviants.


He is Valkin’s brother and the father of Ikaris, who is now a young man. He has the same abilities as his people, which is why he is called Virako. With his molecular-level transmutation powers, the Polar Eternal clan leader has the power of the telepath. He stands out from the rest because he is even more powerful than his brother.

When Thor and Virako resolved their differences and agreed to work against the Dromedan, Virako shifted his focus to their mutual enemy.


In Marvel Comics, Mentor is also known as A’Lars, the name given to the father with one of the most influential supervillains in the Marvel Universe, Thanos. A’Lars possesses all of the Eternal attributes, including immortality, strength, and speed. As a result of the Eternal civil wars that shaped their early history, he led a faction of Eternals to Titan. Mentor’s desire to expand the Eternal’s power and knowledge was likely a factor in his son’s desire to acquire it.


Aurelle is endowed with incredible strength. She is capable of manipulating matter and energy in a similar way to Sersi. Her first appearance was in New Eternals: Apocalypse Now #1 in 2000, and Aurelle is capable of transmuting other objects and people. For the majority of the time, she is depicted as a pure energy source. In addition, she can fly and teleport across the cosmos. Some superheroes are more powerful than she is, as Captain Marvel in the comics.


Many comic book fans know Hyperion to be one of Squadron Supreme’s most mighty members. They may not be aware that he is also an Eternal. Almost invulnerable, Hyperion can manipulate matter on a cosmic scale and fire catastrophic atomic beams from his eyes. Hyperion was born on Earth-712, an alternate reality in which he is the very last surviving Eternal. Since then, he has migrated to Earth-616.


One of the Eternals from the planet Eyung, the Overmind, is also known as Grom. All the Eternal’s abilities are vast and extraordinary, but he also has a wide range of psionic skills that set him except his kind. Grom’s telekinetic powers can be harnessed to increase his strength exponentially.

Even against some of the most powerful superheroes, such as the Fantastic Four, he can read and control their minds with relative ease. He also can unleash deadly telekinetic blasts.


Zuras is the founder of the Eternal civilization on Earth and their first and foremost leader. Unlike all other Eternals, he was the first and only one to create the Uni-Mind, which he inherited from his father. This telepathic link brought together all of the Eternals and combined their abilities, resulting in an all-encompassing force with few equals. For example, the Uni-Mind can compete with Celestials, the beings that created Zuras and the other Eternals millions of years ago.


Kronos is one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful cosmic beings. His cosmic awareness puts him on a par with something like The Watcher, who possesses all of the Eternals’ powers and abilities. Kronos, like his name suggests, has some influence over time. Some aspects of his power to manipulate and merge with time have yet to be fully explored. At times, Kronos can even resurrect people who have died.