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Here Are 20 Facts You May Not Know About The Witcher Star Henry Cavill

Our Hero Henry Cavill is famous for his roles but there are many things not many people know about the larger than life actor. So let’s check those facts


1. Getting Turned Down For His First Superman Audition Wouldn’t Stop The Man Of Steel


We all know Henry Cavill as the global face of Superman. Whenever there’s a mention of the Man Of Steel, millennials are reminded of Cavill. Even if his first audition was for the role of Superman: flyby, Brandon Routh pinned that role, but when Man of Steel came into the books, no one could beat Cavill, and he proved so with his performance.


2. He Is A Real-Life Buds With The Aquaman Jason Momoa

We can all agree that Jason Momoa getting ready to takedown Henry Cavill from behind during a red carpet interview is one of the most viral internet moments. This picture has a hidden reality behind it that both justice league co-stars are very close friends. Henry doesn’t shy away from praising and liking Momoa’s work and style.


3. He Still Feels Uneasy With His American Accent

As a British actor, Cavill had to adopt an American accent for his multiple roles in Hollywood. After being such a megastar and attaining global fame, Henry Cavill still feels uneasy while embracing the American accent as revealed in an interview by Henry himself, that it is such a struggle for him that he sometimes even need vocal training.


4. Fans Expected Him To Be The Star Of 50 Shades Of Grey

Who is better to play a snarky, charming, suited up CEO than Cavill. When the news came out of a movie adaptation of the famous ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ series, people quickly jumped to assumptions. Most of the fans expected Henry Cavill as the male lead, the role of ‘Christian Grey.’ However, Jamie Dornan bagged the role but still, the profile suits both actors so fittingly.


5. The Herculean Physique Is From Hercules

Superman is like a godly alien with immortal powers. This extraterrestrial hero also has a chiselled physique like that of Greek deities. Interestingly this fact stands somewhat true as in an interview with Muscle And Fitness, Cavill’s trainer M.Twight revealed that his body was inspired by the movie Hercules(1958) actor Steve Reeves.


6. He Was A Part of ‘Grease’

He may be known for Superman, but it wasn’t the first Hollywood or American part he got to play. During his high school day, a new and enthusiastic Cavill would go on to play the part of Sonny in ‘Grease.’ The ‘Grease,’ those of you who don’t know, is a classic musical centred on high school students and lives. You can find photos of the cast, and Cavill is quickly recognizable due to his British looks.


7. He’s An Enthusiastic Runner

It is not surprising to see Cavill lifting weights and crushing sets in the Gym as he has to do a lot of hard work to maintain that physique. But you may be surprised to know that he also loves running and takes part in many charity races and fundraisers. Durell Challenge is the next running expedition for Henry, where he looks to support the wildlife.


8. He Loves Gaming


Henry Cavill may resonate with an image of pristine and very mature, white-collar gentlemen. But by heart, he’s also an avid gamer and, like any other enthusiast, loves to spend hours on his couch playing his favourite video games. In an interview with GQ, he reveals how much he loves gaming and favourite games such as Skyrim, World Of Warcraft, The Witcher ( which he plays), etc.

9. This Love Made Him Lose The Role Of Superman But Almost

As the story goes, Cavill was on a gaming spree of World Of Warcraft while he had auditioned for the Man Of Steel and got a callback. Due to not pausing the game, he missed the call from Zack Snyder about him receiving the role. Anyways Cavill called back on time, and then we all know what happened.

10. “Fat Cavill” As He Was Called…

Now with one of the most wonderful physiques, Cavill is a globally renowned entity. His school days beg to differ as it is unbelievable that this specimen of a Greek God was once a chubby kid and subject to bullying. Recounting his nickname the “Fat Cavill,” Henry says how he used that phrase as motivation for his sports and acting.


11. He’s An Animal Activist And Supporter

Henry Cavill does a lot of charity, with most of them being towards the wildlife. Henry stands and actively works for endangered wildlife and is a partner with the Durell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Via multiple Durell challenges and his “gorilla family” website campaign, he tries to work actively for funds and vigilance.


12. He Loves Ben The Bat

No, we aren’t talking about his co-star Been Affleck in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but about an actual fruitbat. As an ambassador for Durell Wildlife Trust, Henry adopted a fruitbat and named it after his co-star and Batman the Ben Affleck.


13. Henry Was The First Choice For Twilight’s Edward

Stephanie Mayers tells this story about when she was looking for actors to bring the famous romance vampire drama ” Twilight” to bug screen. She said that her first choice for the role of Edward Cullen was none other than Henry Cavill. Even being the loved choice of Mayers, Henry preferred to step down from the opportunity as movie scheduled kept postponing and production differences.


14. There Are Five Cavill Brothers


Piers, Nik, Charlie, and Simon, and Henry are five Cavill brothers of the extended Cavill family. Henry enjoys his brother’s company. His brother Nik is number two in age, but he also serves as a real-life Superman, as he is a Royal Marines soldier.


15. Cavill Loves His Job, But He Didn’t Prefer Acting At First

Being one of the most successful and famous actors doesn’t mean it was a plan from the start. Henry Cavill himself revealed in an interview that he had a keen interest in academic studies, and that’s why he wanted to attain a degree in history.  He planned to complete the course with a future armed forces career in mind.


16. Henry Cavill Could’ve Been A Part Of Harry Potter

Henry Cavill’s story tells us that he’s a great personality, and that’s why he has been offered and even came close to staring in many prominent roles. Such a part was of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter And Goblet Of Fire. You’ll be surprised to know it was the Robert Pattinson again who replaced him due to age concerns.


17. He Has Great Knowledge Of Four Languages

Henry may have said that he struggles with the American accent, but he sure doesn’t mind when it comes to learning a whole different language. Henry Cavill has multiple skills and a rigorous work ethic, and that’s why he has been able to master languages like English, French, Spanish, and Italian with fluency. His school time interest in academics also helps in that.


18. Superman Has A Super Dog, Or It Is Named So

Henry Cavill has an American Akita as his let, which he adopted way back in 2014. He can be seen riding and doing loads of stuff with his dog and loves to post those moments too. You’ll be surprised to know that Cavill has named his dog ‘Kal,’ which fans concluded is after his character’s alien name ‘Kal-El.’ Henry has dodged this claim, but it looked apparent that it is a kind of spin-off.


19. He Loves Dancing But Only After Being Tipsy

The charm, confidence, and class of Henry Cavill may give an impression like this guy can do anything. But after all, Cavill is a regular guy like anyone and has opened up about dancing and singing. Henry told in an interview with Cosmopolitan that he finds it awkward to dance, and being a little drunk gives him proper confidence to do so.


20. He is Not Into Dating

It may feel like a shocker or even disappointing news to some of the single admirers of Henry Cavill that their chances with him have shrunken even more. Cavill has said that he doesn’t like dating much and precisely knows what to look for in a partner. He has confessed that he would crush over, confident and bold women. He would love people who wouldn’t require to pretend or show off.