Here are 5 ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Theories That You Wish Works Out

With The Witcher, Netflix hoped to create the next Game of Thrones. It’s possible it didn’t find it exactly — for one thing, there are no dragons. On the other hand, the game of Thrones and The Witcher share a quality that drives viewers crazy with speculation.

Thanks to the show’s wacky timeline and wide-angle approach to the source material, fans have spent weeks figuring out where The Witcher has been, where it is, and where it is going. As a soothsaying tool, these, The Witcher Season 2, theories could help reveal what lies ahead.

While Game of Thrones has a vast narrative spanning continents, The Witcher has a narrative that spans time itself. The show doesn’t have to stop and explain the political situations in Cintra and Nilfgaard’s exposition on the Northern and Southern kingdoms. As characters react differently to those kingdoms in Yennefer’s time than in Ciri’s time, the backstory about the rise and fall of fortunes becomes abundantly clear.

Anya Chalotra as Yennefer in The Witcher Season 2

It will be interesting to see how the show does with a new season already approved and the cliffhanger ending for Yennefer’s character. Are there any elements from the original series that will return in the new one? Here are a few season 2 theories that moviegoers can hope to see this summer.

#1 Short stories will continue to be seeded in the show

The Witcher Golden Dragon

As much as I enjoyed the short stories, video game scenarios, and novel plotlines in The Witcher Season 1, I was even more impressed by how seamlessly they were integrated into Season 2. Short stories will likely continue to be woven in as the new season progresses, even though Geralt and Ciri have now met.

#2 The Timetable Will Be Clearer When It Does

Witcher, Ciri and Yennifer In Witcher Season 2

With Geralt and Ciri now together, the story teased in the Blood of Elves novels can finally get underway. No matter how Geralt is sent off to fight monsters in the series, it will be much simpler to tell where he is and when he is there.

#3 Betraying the Brotherhood: Vilgefortz’s Betrayal

What’s going on with the Brotherhood is a central mystery in Season 2. Vilgefortz enlisted the help of those like Yennefer to rally the Sorcerers against Nilfgaard. After Vilgefortz had defeated Nilfgaard, he went on the rampage, killing all of his fellow sorcerers. What kind of ruse is he getting away with this time?

#4 Ciri will be a new student for Tissaia de Vries

Ciri Will Start Her Training At Kaer Morhen

During Ciri’s absence from Cintra, her magical abilities have already begun to manifest. She not only possesses Cintra’s “roar,” but she also can make prophecies when the time is not correct.

But Yennefer is missing, and someone will have to train that young lady. Unfortunately, the Witchers only teach their male students. This appears to be Tissaia’s job, and I have a feeling she will relish the opportunity.

#5 Yennefer’s Return Is Dependent on Ciri

Fringilla might kidnap Yennefer

Ciri is very concerned about Yennefer’s disappearance, despite her ignorance of who she is. The two of them must be connected somehow for that to be the case. No, it won’t help bring Yennefer back to the mortal plane the way Geralt and Ciri are linked.