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Here Are All The MCU Characters Who Appear On Doctor Strange 2 Cover

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 13,2022

Doctor Strange 2 is getting a lot of attention thanks to a new cover of a magazine promoting the film. It didn’t take long for the sequel to Doctor Strange to be approved and begin production after its 2016 release. Furthermore, the character has also received a positive reception in subsequent Marvel films. A number of other MCU characters will appear alongside the titular sorcerer, pursuing their stories from previous instalments. This has also been the case with previous Phase Four entries in the MCU.

Following 2021’s NWH, the sequel follows Strange forced to venture deep into the multiverse to face a dangerous new foe with both old and new allies. The film’s release date has been set for May 6, 2022, after numerous postponements.

What Does The Exclusive Cover Look Like?

Doctor Strange 2 Empire Cover

Doctor Strange 2 Empire Cover

Recently, Empire magazine tweeted a picture of their exclusive subscriber cover for the film’s upcoming release. Cover art by Chris Malbon features a large portion of the cast. These include Strange himself, Wanda Maximoff and America Chavez, all of whom have multiverse-level powers of their own. Them, as well as a few newcomers. In addition, there are numerous creatures that the titular sorcerer will undoubtedly encounter, as well as Karl Modo, the potential villain. Here’s what it looks like from the front:

Elizabeth Olsen was immediately assumed of reprising her role as Wanda Maximoff as soon as the film was announced to be in development in 2019. Some questions about WandaVision’s future direction were answered in the Multiverse of Madness trailer, which showed her trying to move on from Westview and aiding Strange in his quest to save the universe. Moreover, some believe that Wanda will seek revenge for the children she lost when her dream reality was destroyed.

The mind-blowing effects of Doctor Strange’s powers are on full display in this new cover. This suggests that the upcoming MCU adventure will be his most mind-bending yet. This film could mark the beginning of a new era for the MCU, as it features a diverse cast that includes both established MCU characters and fresh faces.

Key Release Dates