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Here’s 5 Possible MCU Team-Ups For Spider-Man’s Next Trilogy

By Soniya Hinduja
December 16,2021

Following the unprecedented events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will buckle up for yet another MCU trilogy. And this time, the hero could team up with several heroes and anti-heroes to deliver a never-seen-before spectacle.

It is self-evident that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has turned Spider-Man into one of the most interconnected live-action characters in the franchise. Firstly, Tony Stark vouched for Peter Parker before he joined the Avengers. After that, he received the support of Talos (posing as Nick Fury) and Doctor Strange. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man deserves more solo endeavors. However, his connections with other major Marvel characters will undoubtedly get stronger with time. 

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will be around for a bit of longer.

Recent reports about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man sticking around in the MCU for another trilogy are surfacing the internet. Knowing that Spider-Man: No Way Home is not Peter Parker’s final installment gives way to a lot of potential for his future in the franchise. Once he is done fighting off the legendary multiversal villains, he can move the story in several directions. Marvel’s web-slinger is free to course through the street, fighting while laying low. Or he could go up against Sony’s Sinister Six. He could even mentor Miles Morales before handing the role to him. And these are just a few theories. 

However, before Spider-Man is even close to passing on his responsibilities to the novice, he needs to face many friends and enemies alike. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have an abundance of the source material. Both the productions will make the most of all the characters at their dispense. And ultimately gather a team to stand alongside Spider-Man to fight a common enemy. We have come up with a few possible team-ups for Spider-Man’s future trilogy following the undoubted explosion of amazement left by No Way Home.

Spider-Man & Venom


Venom and Spider-Man crossover

A Marvel team-up between Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Tom Hardy’s Venom is something fans have been eagerly waiting for. Sony first introduced its shared universe in 2018 with Venom. And ever since, Marvel fans have made assumptions about a scenario where Eddie Brock and his symbiote friend cross paths with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

After the post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the possibility of a crossover only grew stronger. Because fans finally saw Venom enter the MCU, probably through the Multiverse. Thus, multiplying the anticipation. It is possible that Venom will stick around in the MCU and look for Peter Parker. Or it could be Peter moving to Venom’s universe. Either way, a crossover fight will be worth all the wait. And perhaps, following the events of their crossover Spider-Man and Venom will team up to fight Carnage. This will follow a live-action adaptation of Maximum Carnage.

Sony’s movies are yet to explore Eddie Brock and Venom’s many villainous abilities. The comic appearances of the two are comparatively more sadistic. However, once they enter the MCU and meet Spider-Man, the villains will have some inspirations to work with in the future. Spider-Man and Venom could become interesting frenemies. Indeed, Venom’s hunger for brains is not an appropriate trait to make it to the Avengers team. However, the symbiote still is a solid contender to act as a lethal protector authorized by Spider-Man. Another intriguing arc can be Spider-Man’s close relationship with the symbiote forming a connection between the two, which will ultimately lead to Spider-Man giving in to his dark desires while wearing his iconic black suit and fighting along with Venom.

Spider-Man & The Fantastic Four

In another scenario, Spider-Man can seek the help of Marvel’s First Family, the Fantastic Four, to leave behind the symbiote suit. Even in the original comics, the Fantastic Four helped Spider-Man identify the suit as an alien specimen. And then Spider-Man turned into their most trusted allies. Interestingly, Peter Parker ends up bonding distinctly with Johnny Storm. Reed Richards, Sue Storm, and Ben Grimm placed a lot of faith in the web-slinger. They even asked Spider-Man to replace the Human Torch after he died.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will see Doctor Strange working a spell to wipe the world’s memory about the true identity of Spider-Man. Regardless of the spell working out, Spider-Man will keep his identity hidden to the Fantastic Four. All said and done, the two live and maneuver the same city. And sometimes even end up facing the same villains. Now, with Tony Stark/Iron Man having left the MCU, Reed Richards that Peter Parker could turn to when he requires any technological or financial resources. Not only that, Spider-Man’s MCU trilogy and the upcoming Fantastic Four both share their director as well. Tom Watts’ involvement in the two projects only confirms the thrill. Who knows, Spider-Man could spring up at the Baxter Building sometime soon. 

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The Red Team-up: Spider-Man, Daredevil & Deadpool


If we were considering a crossover scenario between Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Deadpool, the entire idea would have seemed bizarre. Before Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man was exclusively a Sony Pictures superhero for as long as the production wanted. Whereas Daredevil continued to run on Netflix, Deadpool appeared in his standalone movies over at Fox. But now, the tables have turned.

All three heroes belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man will continue his story after Spider-Man: No Way Home. Marvel Studios has claimed the rights to Netflix’s Daredevil. And apparently, Deadpool 3 is currently under development. As soon as Marvel introduces Daredevil and Deadpool into the narrative, the two can be seen joining forces with Spider-Man. Thus, delivering an entertaining MCU crossover only so far dreamt of. Chances are, the story will see a world where the web-slinger has already crossed paths with Venom and the Fantastic Four.

The original comics do not explore the idea of “Team Red” in much depth. However, the three heroes hold a specific dynamic through their respective personalities. This allows the MCU to come up with several fascinating possibilities.

While Daredevil is a no-nonsense person, Deadpool’s personality is outgoing, free-spirited, and lies on the other side of the spectrum. And the web-slinger kind of acts as a harness between the two traits. In addition, the villain who connects the three in the beginning, is Kingpin. The red team superheroes have focused their motives toward Kingpin’s criminal empire in more than just one universe. If Marvel Studios successfully introduces Kingpin and Daredevil in the MCU Phase 4, then Team Red is about to bring a grand story ahead. 

Spider-Man & Sony’s Characters

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe Characters Morbius, Kraven, and Black Cat

When it comes to picking allies and foes from Sony, there are characters other than Venom who could likely meet Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the future. We know that Morbius and Kraven are set to appear in their movies. This inclusion will lay the basis for an ultimate showdown with Peter Parker. Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is gradually advancing towards bringing in the Sinister Six. The scenario will need the web-slinger to seek help from many others able enough to fight the horror.

In addition to Morbius and Kraven, Sony-owned anti-heroes such as Silver Sable, Black Cat, and Rhino. Any of these can appear as an ally to Spider-Man to even the weight of the fight. It won’t be surprising Marvel Studios and Sony ends up sharing their heroes like Silk and Spider-Woman. The two are highly dependable. Their incorporation in the Spidey universe will only prove helpful, especially if part of the future Spider-Man movies decides to shift its focus from the main MCU to appear in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

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Spider-Man & Miles Morales

Miles Morales

Spider-Man upcoming MCU Trilogy sets up Miles Morales Future

Peter Parker’s responsibility to train Miles Morales is probably one of the most anticipated narratives to conclude Tom Holland’s Spidey’s journey in the MCU. This would require them to share the screen at least one last time. In both, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in Marvel Comics, and the upcoming Spider-Man 2 video game, Peter Parker holds significant importance in Miles Morales’ life. Peter Parker has assisted him in understanding a number of things. From the duties of a hero to taking up larger responsibilities, Peter has impacted his life greatly. In fact, the bonding of the two Spider-Men have got each other to know themselves a little bit better.

As Spider-Man’s second MCU trilogy progresses, the hero will need to pass the mantle to someone else. And Peter Parker will be to Miles what Tony Stark was for him. Thus, ending the journey on an excellent note. The MCU is already dropping hints about incorporating Miles Morales through Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis. In fact, he will also appear as Peter and Miles’ common enemy, the Prowler. 

With Spider-Man: No Way Home, a remarkable stage of Peter Parker’s MCU adventure is coming to a different end. This is why, a co-starring role with Miles Morales could only amplify the grand conclusion to his superhero journey. 

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