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Here’s Every Power That Will Replace The Infinity Stones In The MCU

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 2,2021

The Infinity Stones have indeed taken a backseat in MCU Phase 4, but their abilities have not. Though they served as a symbol of supreme power throughout the first three films, Thanos and his plan to use them for evil were eventually defeated. The Infinity Stones faded away into obscurity. The Infinity Stones’ abilities, on the other hand, have recently reappeared in new and intriguing ways in the MCU’s Phase 4.

Diverse Infinity Stones have taken control at various points in the MCU storyline. The Tesseract, or Space Stone, was the focus of Phase 1, while the Mind Stone was the focus of Phase 2.

To counter Thanos’s power, all three Infinity Stones were brought into the fray in a big way in Phase 3. The battle for these three stones was decisive. Everything in the Marvel Universe is malleable, which opens the door to wild plots and powerful characters.


The importance of the Infinity Stones has waned in recent years, but their potential remains in the MCU. Most of the stones have been replaced by other items or characters with similar abilities, making it possible to exert control over time and space, reality, and so on without requiring the Infinity Stones to be held in one’s hands.

However, in MCU Phase 4, the Infinity Stones are no longer the only means of gaining superhuman abilities. The following is a list of all the ways the Infinity Stones have been replaced in the MCU.

Kang’s time travel replaces the Time Stone.

Even in the MCU, Doctor Strange’s Time Stone’s time travel and control abilities still exist, albeit due to different causes. Using Pym Particles, the Quantum Realm in Avengers: Endgame was shown to cause time travel. Because of this, the Avengers were able to undo Thanos’ Snap without the aid of the Time Stone.

Ant Man And Kang

A new way to time travel was introduced with the TVA’s appearance in Loki, which used the agency’s mysterious technology. Kang the Conqueror, a notorious time traveler, was introduced in Loki’s story. Loki season 2 and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania appear to be expanding the MCU’s use of time travel.

The Reality Stone is replaced by the magic of Scarlet Witch, which alters reality.

scarlet witch

Scarlet Witch

The Reality Stone is a formidable weapon despite not being one of the most significant Infinity Stones in the overall MCU story. The ability to change the very fabric of reality is scarce and should be taken very seriously. After putting the entire town of Westview under a spell, Scarlet Witch is revealed to be capable of altering reality, as she turns Westview into a mid-20th century American sitcom. Scarlet Witch’s magic is red, not yellow, despite the yellow Mind Stone reawakening her abilities.

Doctor Strange’s Sling Rings replace the Space Stone.

MCU Phase 1 relied heavily on the Space Stone/Tesseract, but as the series progressed, its importance diminished dramatically. This is partly true because of the MCU’s long history of alternate methods of fast space travel. Doctor Strange’s Sling Rings are one such example, as they enable travel not only across space but also between dimensions.

Doctor Strange In Spiderman

Other characters, such as Heimdall and Doctor Strange, have teleportation abilities, as do the TVA agents, who can travel through space and time using their time doors. As well as time travel being theoretically possible, Pym Particles and the Quantum Realm allow traveling through dimensions.

The Godlike Powers of Phase 4 Replace the Power Stones

The Power Stone is by far the most replaceable of all the Infinity Stones. Infinity Gems have always been powerful. However, the MCU has added so many new characters and weapons in the last decade that the purple Infinity Gem no longer shines as brightly as it once did.



The Ten Rings and Thor’s Stormbreaker ax rival the Power Stone in terms of sheer power, and Phase 4 will introduce even more formidable weapons like the Black Knight’s Ebony Blade and Gorr the God Butcher’s crossword, All-Black. The ancient godlike Celestials will be brought back to the forefront of the MCU story in Eternals, upending the power structure once more. Indeed, the MCU’s Power Stone is a formidable weapon, but it’s not the only one in the Marvel universe with lethal potential.

WandaVision’s Spontaneous Power Creation is replacing the Mind Stone and the Tesseract.

The Infinity Stones can bestow superpowers on those who come into contact with their energy. Scarlet Witch’s powers were awakened by exposure to the Mind Stone, and Captain Marvel’s powers came from the Tesseract after being exposed to it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Scarlet Witch’s hex magic, Monica Rambeau gains impressive energy powers.

This shows that the MCU now has other ways to bestow supernatural abilities on characters without using a stone. According to reports, Kamala Khan will get her superpowers from the same source in Marvel’s Ms. Marvel, which premieres on Disney+ in 2019.

Scarlet Witch’s Mind Control Replaces The Mind Stone

For another, Scarlet Witch has been shown in WandaVision in the MCU to use her mystical powers to control people’s behavior and wipe their memories, which indicates that the Mind Stone can influence people’s minds. That ability isn’t restricted to her, either.

Wanda and Vision

Harry Styles will play Thanos’ brother Eternal Eros in future films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was announced recently. Eros, alias Starfox, in the same power category as the Mind Stone his brother once wielded, considers him emotionally manipulative.

New and exciting elements are being introduced to the MCU. These include characters from the Marvel comics, which were previously unknown to the franchise, and new universes through time travel and the multiverse.

However, other items and characters with similar abilities are already replacing the MCU’s Infinity Stones’ abilities in the plot. It’s possible that the most powerful MCU weapons and characters have yet to appear on screen due to the series’ increasing standard of power.

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