Here’s Every Time Iron Man Has Died In Comics & MCU Chronologically

Every time Iron Man has died in the comics and MCU makes it the most shocking moment in the Marvel Universe. The death of Tony

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 3,2021
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Every time Iron Man has died in the comics and MCU makes it the most shocking moment in the Marvel Universe. The death of Tony Stark, one of the film’s most prominent characters, was a surprise to many moviegoers, but it was a fitting end for the hero. It was nothing new for comic book readers.

In the comics, Tony Stark has been killed off multiple times. While his death in the movie was one of the most harrowing, it wasn’t the only one. In Marvel Comics today, Tony Stark may not be the same Tony Stark who first appeared in the pages of Iron Man 50 years ago.

Armor Wars – Iron Man ‘Dies’ To Protect His Identity (1987)

With James Rhodes’ War Machine as the armored hero, Disney+ is launching Armor Wars. As depicted in comic books, War Machine is likely on a rampage, trying to acquire all of Stark’s weapons and armor.

Armor Wars - Iron Man 'Dies' To Protect His Identity

In the comics, Tony Stark was the one who did this. Additionally, he attacked and became a wanted criminal because he attacked the government who had the technology they used for armor, and what the government considered theft. A note from a fictional character named Randall Pierce admitted that Tony Stark was Iron Man because no one else knew about his identity.

Tony Stark Dies To Save His Own Life (1989)

As a result of the events of Armor Wars, Tony Stark began dating a new woman named Kathleen Dare. Tony’s problem is that he’s a playboy who can’t commit to one woman. As a result, Dare becomes increasingly unstable and shoots Tony in the chest in #242 of Iron Man.

As a result of his injuries, Tony was left paralyzed and with severe nerve damage. Tony realized he had to do something drastic to enter cryostasis, so he faked his death. His closest friends and family were convinced of his death until scientists discovered a way to save him.

The Infinity Gauntlet – Thanos Kills Iron Man (1991)

The Infinity Gauntlet - Thanos Kills Iron Man

The entire plot of Avengers: Infinity War was lifted verbatim from the pages of the comic books. The Avengers, or at least the members who survived the snap, were tasked with saving the world in the film, which was based on the Marvel comic book series. It was Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock who brought the dead back to life in the comics.

With Thanos’s snap, not only did a slew of people perish, but Iron Man was already dead. Terraxia cut Iron Man’s head off and presented it to Thanos in Infinity Gauntlet.

The Crossing: Tony Stark Dies Betraying The Avengers (1995)

The Crossing was one of the most controversial Avengers plots of 1995. In this storyline, Iron Man was revealed to be not only a traitor but also a sleeper agent placed in the Avengers lineup by Kang the Conqueror from the start.


Iron Man’s heroic deeds were undone and he became one of the greatest villains in the Avengers’ history. He even went so far as to murder a few people in the process. A teenage Tony Stark traveled back in time to assist the Avengers in their fight against Kang, and the adult Iron Man finally gave up his mantle to do so, dying and passing it on to his younger self.

Onslaught – The Death Of Earth’s Heroes (1996)

In 1996, Marvel relaunched nearly the entire 616 universes. Onslaught, a mutant created after Magneto’s mind was shut down by Professor X, was the beginning of this. The only way to defeat him was for all of Earth’s heroes to band together and fight as one.


an enraged woman Iron Man was among those who died when the Avengers and the Fantastic Four slammed into Onslaught, who had finally opened his armor. Reboots of both Avengers and Fantastic Four were spawned as a result of this.

World’s Most Wanted – Iron Man Dies Battling Norman Osborn (2009)

Former Green Goblin Norman Osborn has grown increasingly powerful since he became a national hero by killing the Skrull Queen during Secret Invasion. Later, when Dark Reign was released, he took control and assembled his team of Dark Avengers. Tony deleted the identities of America’s superheroes from the Superhero Registration Act and stored them in his brain to save them.

 iron man

Tony Stark became the most wanted criminal in the world as a result. While Osborn was after Stark, he began deleting information from his computer, which prompted the assassin to wipe his mind. He eventually fell into a coma and was declared brain dead. Fortunately, there was a backup copy of Stark’s brain on a computer, and this was uploaded into his body, restoring his life.

The Incursion – The Destruction Of The World (2015)

During the Incursion in 2015, the Marvel Universe as a whole collapsed, killing everyone in its path. Every Earth in the multiverse, as well as all the characters who lived there, died as a result of this event. Earth-616 and Earth-1610 of the Ultimates were the final two.

Despite their best efforts, the heroes of each Earth could not save their planet. Only a few people managed to escape in a lifeboat when the Earths collided in Time Runs Out. Iron Man confessed to Captain America just before he died that he was aware of the Incursion’s approach but that there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

Civil War II – Captain Marvel Kills Iron Man (2016)

Civil War II - Captain Marvel Kills Iron Man

Civil War Iron Man was a government supporter, urging all citizens to register and work for the United States of America during the conflict. In Civil War II, Captain Marvel wanted to use an Inhuman precog named Ulysses to catch criminals before they could commit a crime, but Iron Man was opposed to it.

To prevent Captain Marvel from arresting Miles Morales, Iron Man and Captain Marvel engaged in a full-contact fight. Finally, Captain Marvel struck Iron Man with all her might and he fell to the ground, dead. However, Tony was never declared dead in the comics, but later issues revealed that he had died and his brain had been cloned.

Avengers: Endgame – Tony Stark Dies To Stop Thanos (2019)

Thanos Killing Iron Man

People are familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe death of Iron Man. Even though Thanos had already wiped out half of all life on the planet, Iron Man was still present. It was clear to Doctor Strange that Iron Man was the key to saving humanity.

In the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, that happened. The Infinity Gauntlet had been stolen from Thanos by Iron Man, who realized it too late. Iron Man was able to wipe out Thanos’s entire army in a single motion, but the sheer power of the feat proved too much for Tony Stark and he died in the process.

Iron Man 2020 – Iron Man’s AI Life Dies (2020)

Iron Man 2020 - Iron Man's AI Life Dies

Marvel Comics’ Iron Man 2020 comic book delved into artificial intelligence and the debate over what constitutes “living” and “nonliving” entities. For the most part, Tony Stark was a clone with Tony’s mind implanted in it, rather than an actual human being.

One of the main antagonists in this story was Tony’s brother, who had the best of intentions when attempting to build a utopia but was ruthless and reckless in his approach. His artificial body was a price he paid to defend himself against his brother. Finally, Tony Stark and James Rhodes were able to return with new artificial bodies at the end of the film.