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Here’s Five Avengers Tony Stark Hadn’t Met In MCU

By Abraham George
February 8,2022

A few superheroes who appear in Marvel movies haven’t met in “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame” because of the way the cosmic timelines are messed up. There are some people who may never get to do this, like Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. Surprisingly, Iron Man is one of the many who hasn’t met a lot of Marvel heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We’re not going to include being in the same room as Thanos in Avengers: Endgame together on this list. These people must have talked to Iron Man at the very least. Also, Tony didn’t get to meet people who died before he did, like Yondu, though it isn’t his fault. There’s a long list of them and we’re going to address it for you.

Throughout the events of Infinity War” and “Endgame, Tony was able to team up with the majority of the Guardians. At multiple moments throughout the Iron Man films and crossover occurrences such as the Avengers films and Captain America: Civil War, he encountered nearly every hero up to and including Captain Marvel.

Hank Pym And The Wasp

Ant Man and The wasp Quantomania

The wasp

It may have been that Toby might have run into Hank Pym, Peggy Carter, or Janet Van Dyne when he was younger. Endgame and the first Ant-Man movie both show Howard Stark and Hank working together, so it’s safe to say that they work well together. However, it’s nice that Hank and Janet went to Tony’s funeral even though they had a rough relationship with Howard. When Janet Wasp and Tony Stark first joined the Avengers, they were in a relationship. That’s not the same thing at all.

When Tony Stark met Scott Lang on screen in both Civil War and Endgame, he was the only Ant-Man. There are portals in Endgame that let Hope Van Dyne go to other dimensions. Iron Man doesn’t talk to her at all. After all, their parents worked together. It was a shame that they never got to meet. In Captain America: Civil War, Scott Lang said, “Hank Pym always told us not to trust a Stark. I always believe him.”




In the movie Infinity War, Peter Quill and the Guardians meet Tony Stark but not Gamora. He doesn’t know who Gamora is.

During the movie Infinity War, Gamora had already been kidnapped by Thanos. Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange meet them at the end of the movie. Soon after that, she dies on Vormir.

Because they’re the two main characters in Infinity War, it’s weird that they didn’t meet up in the movie at all. Tony doesn’t meet Gamora in Endgame, either, and neither does the new Gamora from 2014.


Shuri And Black Panther

Shuri And Black Panther

It was important for Bruce Banner and Black Panther’s little sister to play a role in Infinity War, but Iron Man was in space at the time. Okoye, the leader of the Dora Milaje, hasn’t met Tony in person, but it’s safe to say that he’s at least met him through Natasha’s holographic meetings during the Blip, even if he hasn’t. In Endgame, Tony and Pepper moved into living cut-off from the world, and Shuri wasn’t shown to be alive or dead at the end of Infinity War. Though she wasn’t seen in Endgame until the portal, we might assume she was blipped.

Has Tony Stark ever been to Wakanda? He had discussed Wakanda in “Age of Ultron.” We don’t know much about what he knew about the secret country and its superscience. They probably didn’t think that Tony Stark would come to Wakanda soon after Civil War. If T’Challa and Steve Rogers were keeping Bucky Barnes in Wakanda in the aftermath of Civil War, they probably didn’t think that he would come anytime soon. It looks like he didn’t even know about the world of Black Panther at all. He didn’t get to see all of the new technology or Shuri’s charming personality.

It would have been a real treat for fans to hear the two share their science stories. She might have even shown him how to make an Iron Man suit more quickly when he was back in the cave..




Peter Parker gets the chance to meet Valkyrie during the battle in Endgame. Hulk and Rocket, too, go to get Thor. When they get there, they meet her in New Asgard. A close friendship was formed between the Hulk and Thor when they meet in Thor: Ragnarok. Since Iron Man hasn’t been to Norway or any of the regions, there is a chance that they both haven’t met. Tony also may have met Lady Sif, Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster for the same reason. Being a very busy man makes Tony very much unaware of the power around him.

Not as many female characters as male ones have come into Iron Man’s life, but he has met a lot of them. We can all see it. Fortunately, the representation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is always changing and growing. Tony might not have planned to meet any of these women during the last battle. Iron Man had met with Gamora, Wasp, Valkyrie, and Okoye to plan their next move in the “Endgame” cut scenes. It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s still something to think about.



Rocket and Groot

It’s very strange that Tony didn’t get the chance to meet Groot. It would have been a delight to watch them converse leading for Tony to have just abruptly ended it. The sulking teenager tree is the only other character who hasn’t met Tony since Gamora.

It was during Infinity War that Thor and Rocket were going to make a new hammer. During the fight between Thor and Rocket in Wakanda, Thanos snapped Groot away from the two.

In Endgame, Tony and Rocket Raccoon worked together on the Time Heist plan to get all of the Infinity Stones from Earth.

At first, Tony thought Rocket Raccoon was a Build-A-Bear, which was really funny. When the portals opened at the end, Groot popped up among the hundreds of sorcerers and Avengers. It wasn’t really a big deal at that moment.

Even if Iron Man had noticed the sapling that was fighting with him, there still wouldn’t be anything to communicate. But just think of all of the missed fun between them.

Groot’s introduction to Captain America in Infinity War will always be there for us to remember.

There are many such characters which are really shocking that they couldn’t have met each other. The MCU is full of it and only such things lead to progression of the story in the MCU.

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