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Here’s How Andor Episode 11 Parallels MCU’s Iron Man 2

Andor finally put the war in Star Wars with a legendary battle sequence that reminded us of the MCU. Check it out!

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 17,2022

Disney+ show Andor is setting new benchmarks in terms of storytelling in the Star Wars universe. The show is telling the story of simple people rising up when they can’t take the crushing weight of the Empire anymore. And it’s doing so without any visible Jedis and big lightsaber fights. However, the show recently put the war in Star Wars with a big battle sequence that reminded us of a MCU movie.

Luthen Rael Takes Out The Empire’s TIE Fighters¬†

Luthen Rael's ship with lasers/lightsabers

Luthen Rael’s ship with lasers/lightsabers

In episode 11 of Andor, we see Luthen Rael’s ship, the Fondor, get detected by the Empire. He tries to get out of the situation with a fake Aldeeran code, but they aren’t buying that lie. In fact, they are growing suspicious. So they power up their tractor beam, and it traps Luthen in its radius.

But Luthen is experienced and he’s ready. He fires backward and the projectiles he ejects are pulled towards the tractor beam at high speeds by itself. It’s a great moment. But he can’t celebrate because the Empire sends out 3 TIE Fighters and a Bomber after him. But the battle begins and ends almost instantaneously.

Luthen brings out the big guns and big lasers right out of the gate. He first uses the gun to take out one of the TIE Fighters and the bomber. Then he rotates his ship and uses the lasers to take out the other two TIEs. And this sequence reminded us of a scene from MCU’s Iron Man 2.

Andor Parallels The MCU

Iron Man uses a laser beam

Iron Man uses a laser beam

In the movie Iron Man 2, Ivan Vanko’s unmanned armor drones surround Tony Stark and James Rhodes. Seeing no way out, Tony tells James to duck and activates the lasers on his hands. He then spins around with the lasers on and slices the armors in half.

But the two lasers extending out of Luthen’s ship reminds us of the Grand Inquisitor’s lightsaber as well. And it’s a great visual parallel to that too.

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