Here’s How Captain America Could Return To The MCU Without Changing His Ending

In the most recent issue of Marvel Comics, a plot device was introduced that could be used to bring Captain America into the MCU without changing his satisfying conclusion. Doctor Strange was assassinated in Marvel Comics’ The Death of Doctor Strange #2. He did, however, leave a semblance of himself in the past by devoting a week of his life to recreating himself in the present. The MCU hypothetically has the power to make Steve Rogers into a supervillain.

Captain America’s Return Explained

When Steve Rogers returned the Infinity Stones to their original locations in space and time, he decided to make the most of the chance to reunite with his ex-wife Peggy Carter. Captain America, who had been in a coma for decades, decided that he wanted to reclaim the life that had been taken from him.

After all, was said and done, Steve travelled back in time, lived his life with Peggy, and now he’s an older man in the present. On the other hand, Marvel just demonstrated a method by which he could return to the MCU without upsetting the story’s happy ending.

Jed Mckay, Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela, and VC’s Cory Petit return in The Death of Doctor Strange #2. They do so to investigate Doctor Strange’s death in the current timeline. They bring back an earlier version of Doctor Strange. The younger Doctor Strange reveals in the issue that many years ago, he cut off his lifespan by severing a week from his timeline.

He kept his temporal relic a closely guarded secret. The temporal remnant was created by Strange as a backup plan in case he died unexpectedly. Strange’s temporal relic was designed to allow him to take care of business after he died.

What Would Happen If Captain America Traveled Back In Time?

Instead of solving his murder, Strange’s temporal remnant will try to help the MCU bring Captain America back. If the MCU wanted to get around a younger Steve Rogers, they might include that he agreed with Strange to create he possess temporal remnant. Furthermore, he compromised a week of his life to be resurrected under a specific circumstance, such as his death.


This would allow the MCU’s most beloved Captain America to return without interfering with the story’s climax. Old Captain America and his MCU life would not be lost if he travelled back in time. Even if Canon changed its name, it would still be Canon.

It’s unlikely that Steve Rogers’ Captain America will make another appearance in the MCU. The MCU, on the other hand, has a comic story that could explain Captain America’s return without hurting Canon. This, of course, is only if they ever wanted to bring him back.