Here’s How Doctor Strange 2 Sets New Agatha Harkness’ MCU Show

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may build up Agatha Harkness’ forthcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe spin-off. Wanda and Vision’s nosy neighbor in Westview, Agnes,

By Mabel Judith Andrady
October 11,2021
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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may build up Agatha Harkness’ forthcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe spin-off. Wanda and Vision’s nosy neighbor in Westview, Agnes, first appeared as the character in Disney+’s WandaVision. After a while, it became clear that she was the main antagonist in the storyline.

Along the way, she met Scarlet Witch. She did so to learn how she was able to construct the pocket reality. The end goal for this matter was to enjoy the perfect suburbia life with her android lover. Upon learning about the hex,  William and Tommy were taken captive. Agatha demanded that Wanda give up her abilities in return for their safety. Scarlet Witch’s fast thinking ultimately spared her and her family from the old witch’s wrath by casting runes.

WandaVision Season 1 Conclusion

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In the end, Wanda decided to use a different kind of punishment than murdering Agatha. They summoned the villain’s nosy neighbor character and banished her to Westview with their spell. She has no idea of her illustrious history or her innate talent to use magic in this incarnation. MCU villains are well-known for being one-offs.

In contrast, the fact that WandaVision spared Agatha’s life suggested she still had a place in the series. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Wanda outside of her involvement in Doctor Strange 2, but now we do. According to reports, Marvel Studios is working on an Agatha-centric spin-off. There are currently few plot specifics available, although it has been characterized as a “dark comedy” by sources. Jac Schaeffer will write the script and serve as executive producer.

Agatha received a positive response from fans and the excellent portrayal by Kathryn Hahn is the cherry on top. And so it’s understandable that Marvel Studios would want to capitalize on the public’s fascination with the wicked witch by telling additional narratives about her. Considering how long the character has been around, there is still a lot to discover about her. Where do the events of the upcoming Agatha Harkness spinoff fit in the MCU’s overarching narrative now that it’s been announced? Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange 2 may serve as a springboard for Harkness’ narrative.

Agatha Harkness’ freedom is up to Scarlet Witch

Agatha Harkness
Agatha Harkness

There was much foreshadowing in the final showdown between Wanda and Agatha in WandaVision. One of the most frightening parts was when the older witch said that her contemporary would need her someday. For a while, all Agatha desired was Wanda’s abilities in return for Vision and her safety in the Westview neighborhood. Sorceress thought Avenger was unworthy of her powers since she wanted to live a normal life with family, but that seemed much too basic in comparison to what she could accomplish.

However, Agatha’s strategy shifted after it became apparent that she would be beaten. Instead, she turned to Wanda, offering to be her guide and warning her of the dangers she had unleashed by becoming the Scarlet Witch for real this time. It was certainly alluring.  After all, Agatha has a greater depth of knowledge and experience and might assist Wanda in getting the most out of her superhuman abilities. Wanda was unwavering in her resolve to use her Agnes identity as a booby trap for the enemy. That said, Wanda is most likely the one who can release Agatha from her psychological prison, since she was the one who locked her up in the first place.

Could Wanda Free Agatha in Doctor Strange 2?

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The conclusion of WandaVision saw Wanda retreating to an undisclosed distant location. It was startling to see that her astral form was researching the Darkhold at the same time as she appeared to be at ease with being alone. She heard her twin sons, Billy and Tommy, pleading for assistance just before the show ended. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will most likely handle this cliffhanger. It’s fair to assume that if Wanda’s children were in danger, she’d do everything to rescue them.

It’s possible that the evil witch may use Agatha’s offer of knowledge to her advantage since she has said many times that although Wanda has strength, she lacks knowledge, which Harkness has. As a result, Wanda may reluctantly form an alliance with Agatha in order to rescue her twins. That means she’ll have to break Scarlet Witch out of her trance so she may use her Chaos Magic to find the children and regain access to her powers. Agatha may ask for anything in return for her assistance, such as being free from the curse that has her imprisoned as Agnes forever. Wanda may have known all along that she would need Agatha’s assistance at some point in the future. That way, she could quickly reverse her condition if necessary instead of murdering her.

Doctor Strange 2 Setups Agatha’s MCU Future

Agatha Harkness

If Wanda frees Agatha Harkness in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness, how does Harkness get her own spin-off show? A couple of things could go wrong in this situation. In the first place, after she has been freed by Wanda’s enchantment, she will be able to follow her future endeavors while also tackling her past in a non-linear narrative.

Even though it’s the quickest and easiest option for Marvel Studios, giving the villain a backstory is crucial in helping to flesh out her character for future appearances in Marvel films and the Disney+ series. Alternatively, the MCU could use the offshoot to explain all questions that she’s had all along. This includes Ralph Bohner, whose true identity is still a mystery, revealing their relationship. Persistent rumors suggest she has a connection to Mephisto.

Beyond being in the Doctor Strange sequel, Agatha Harkness could be a part of the Dark Avengers or Thunderbolts in the future. She could be part of whatever morally ambiguous team Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine has in mind for her. Her role as Franklin Richards’ nanny in the comics, could also be adapted by Marvel Studios. Finally, considering her previous interactions with Billy and Tommy, she could make an appearance in the Young Avengers.