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Here’s How Electro From Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Killed Iron Man

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 29,2021

There’s a lot of anticipation as Spider-Man: No Way Home gets closer to its release. Theory-building gets a shot in the arm with each new footage displayed in a commercial. Theories are exactly what fans and journalists are looking for right now. Regarding Jamie Foxx’s role as Electro in the next film, there has been some debate recently.

A lot has changed since Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 introduced us to Max Dillon. Sleuths have spotted several exciting details in Electro’s new suit. These include what appears to be a piece of MCU hardware.

An Arc Reactor In The Pocket

There has been a lot of conjecture about the gadget on Electro’s jacket recently. However, the most evident alteration to his appearance is that he is no longer blue. Electro appears to be sporting a new costume that connects to a piece of glowing blue technology that may look familiar to MCU fans.

electro iron man

Even though wild speculation is always essential, this does look like an Arc Reactor. Combining this with other parts of the suit’s unsecured wiring and bolted-on features, it appears that Electro can manage his power through a homemade method. Because the Reactor stores the power, he seems less like a shiny Blue Man Group member and more like a normal human being.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of a cameo by blue Electro in No Way Home. An example of this may be found in the second trailer. Here, the blue Electro is seen harnessing yellow electrical lines. Assuming Spider-Man doesn’t capture him, this may be when Electro uses the Arc Reactor to limit his strength and better fit in with the normal people of New York.

Getting People Talking

This raises several pertinent issues. It’s not clear how or when Max Dillon obtained an Arc Reactor. He must’ve had it in the universe from whence he originated. Is it true that he assassinated Tony Stark? In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, did we see the same Electro as here? It’s time to get started.

the Amazing spider man

During a TV spot for No Way Home, Electro is seen either without his costume or with his coat covering it, depending on the context. He gazes out the window and says, “Look at this place… And all the possibilities.” Despite the apparent allusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this sentence could be misconstrued.

This line may refer to the villains’ meeting location since it appears that they’ll be working together against Peter in the end. Alternatively, it might be a haven discovered by another evil who uses it as a safe place to work on their technology.

Tony Stark’s Fate In The Multiverse

Iron Man Tony stark

Suppose you’ve watched What If…?, you know that Tony Stark hasn’t fared well when it comes to navigating the various Marvel multiverses. Tony has met a tragic end in practically every alternate reality seen on screen thus far. Electro might have killed Iron Man to get his Arc Reactor if he gained it before his MCU debut. That is if Tony Stark existed in the universe where Electro comes from.

No one knows just how closely the source universes (and possibly other Spider-Men) will adhere to the narratives of their flicks. It’s not apparent how Marvel characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thanos would be referenced in the previous Sony Spider-Man films, which have no link to the MCU.

To be clear, the Electro in these trailers is an entirely new character from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. After witnessing traumatic occurrences, Max Dillon, a quiet electrical engineer, developed superhuman abilities. The Lizard and Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker may theoretically be from the same reality as Electro when it comes to The Amazing Spider-Man. However, the one fans have seen so far is somewhat different.

The Unexpected Ending

What this means is that Electro has an Arc Reactor. So, now we know that if Electro killed Iron Man, he may or may not have obtained by killing Tony Stark in his realm. However, he may or may not have received it when he arrived at the MCU. He hasn’t been seen enough to be definite where he hails from in the Multiverse. As far as confirmed Spider-Man: No Way Home cast members go, Electro might be the most mysterious.

His suit’s industrial look is a nod to his roots as an electrical engineer. And so, this character should be viewed as a distinct individual from the one in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the time being. As promised by Doctor Strange, “visitors from every universe,” there are bound to be more than two villains. It’s not yet clear where Spider-enemies Man’s and friends come from in the Multiverse.

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