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Here’s How Kang Could Easily Kill The X-Men’s Phoenix

By Mabel Judith Andrady
October 28,2021

One of Marvel Comics’ most formidable characters, Phoenix, can be easily destroyed by Kang the Conqueror. The Master of Time has been known to challenge anyone he considers worthy of victory, even the Avengers. Phoenix Song: Echo #1 by Rebecca Roanhorse and Luca Maresca, which doesn’t mention the chronal criminal, does a great job of highlighting the threat the Conqueror poses to the Phoenix and other magical beings.

Phoenix, Echo, and the mysterious force

The vigilante and former Avenger Echo have been having difficulty adjusting to her new life as the Phoenix since she was given the power to use it. Despite the Phoenix’s usual association with the X-Men, its chosen host this time comes from a completely different branch of the family tree than Jean’s. Unfortunately for Echo, a mysterious new foe who sounds eerily similar to Kang is threatening the continuity of her family tree.



Phoenix Song: Echo #1 finds the titular Avenger adjusting to her new role as an extraterrestrial super powerhouse. Maya Lopez travels to the Great Plains, searching for an old mentor who can point her in the right direction. Maya Lopez is looking for answers. A man named River, who can read and share the genetic memories of people like Maya’s ancestors, turns out to be his grandson. Unbeknownst to Maya, he warns her that the mysterious force stalking the Phoenix isn’t just after Echo – it’s also after her ancestors, who died before she was even born.

Kang’s Power

It’s a brilliant idea to stop the Phoenix from being born by removing its host from the timeline before it has a chance to exist. When facing a fully powered Phoenix, even a cunning tactician like Thanos would be outmatched, making a chronal assault the most efficient way to care for the entity’s hosts. And unlike many other Marvel villains, Kang can wipe out a foe’s ancestors before they are even born.



To their relief, Kang’s attack wasn’t as predictable as usual. Because of his ego and sense of duty, the Conqueror will not defeat his opponents unless they are at their best. For Kang, the satisfaction of taking on the Sentinel of Liberty would be greater if he could kill Captain America’s grandmother before Steve Rogers is even born.

However, even if it isn’t The Conqueror, the threat to Echo’s life and well-being still exists. Anyone or anything with the ability to eliminate the Phoenix before it has a chance to become a problem could rise to the level of one of the terrifying villains in the world of Marvel Comics. And a villain who can match the might of Kang the Conqueror is one to be feared.

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