Here’s How Marvel Is Going To Make The Avengers Unnecessary

The appearance of the Eternals in the MCU has the potential to nullify the role of the Avengers. Marvel Studios will introduce a completely new superhero squad in less than a month with Chloé Zhao‘s highly anticipated movie, The Eternals. Designed by the Celestials, these beings were brought to Earth to guard against the threat of the Deviant population. Though many of Marvel’s most powerful characters, the Eternals, have existed for a long time.

The Set Back

Ten heroes make up the MCU’s primary Eternals team, and Marvel Studios cast a star-studded ensemble to play them. There was a group of people who worked together at first, including Thena, Ikaris, Makkari, Phastos, Ajak, Sprite, Kingo, Sersi, and Druig. In the end, they chose to separate and haven’t been back together since.

In Avengers: Endgame, Mark Ruffalo’s Smart Hulk reverse snap unintentionally triggered the enigmatic Emergence, causing the team to reassemble. While the specifics of this latest MCU tragedy are hazy, it sounds grave enough to reassign the Eternals to their original posts of duty.

In comparison to Infinity War, Eternals has a lot to set up, and once the titular heroes emerge from the shadows after a long time, there will be no turning back; they will become public figures. This is great news for the MCU since it means they can continue to explore the characters in-depth in the future. Unfortunately, the Avengers will have to deal with this setback. Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame effectively turned them into intergalactic heroes.

However, the franchise’s first superhero team is titled Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Whatever the case may be, the Avengers’ main goal is to protect the Earth from dangers. Eternals will be able to openly act as Earth’s superhero team once they have emerged from concealment. Since the Eternals, with their diverse powers, could be more effective in the same mission, the Avengers are no longer required.

The Avengers and Eternals Might Work Together


A case may be made that if the Eternals had been disclosed from the start, the Avengers would not have come together at all. Rather than counting on Nick Fury’s individual recruits to work effectively together. So, when Loki’s invasion became evident, he could have contacted the Eternals. Dependence on them is a less risky option because they have been charged with keeping humanity secure since then.

There is a clear understanding of their objective, and they are dedicated to completing it no matter what happens. Another advantage is that the Eternals have been working together for millennia, so their chemistry is proven. This boosts the likelihood of their defeating Loki, the MCU’s most crucial superhero phase 4, or any other foe. As a result, Fury could’ve sat back and let the Eternals handle the defense of Earth’s surface.


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers and Eternals will inevitably come into contact with one another. Exactly what sort of dynamic do the teams have with one another if it happens? The cosmic entities are aware of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, as shown in Zhao’s film’s trailers. Meanwhile, the Avengers are unaware of the other. If you’re wondering, the Avengers are currently split up due to each member having their own personal projects to deal with in light of the Infinity Saga. While they’re working on their lineup, the Eternals shouldn’t be tasked with Earth defense.