Here’s How Mutants In The MCU Will be Different From X-Men Of The Past

After 20 years of the X-Men movies, a reboot of the franchise could certainly be the next best remake yet. X-Men films and spin-offs have

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 22,2021
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After 20 years of the X-Men movies, a reboot of the franchise could certainly be the next best remake yet. X-Men films and spin-offs have never failed to satisfy comic book fans. Over a period of two decades, the mutant superhero team helped make Marvel a major studio. This happened specifically following the success of Blade in 1998.

When living in the age of the MCU, it’s easy for other studios’ comic book properties to be dismissed. It’s possible to look to the future while still appreciating the accomplishments of the past. If it wasn’t for their past. it would be difficult to predict where the X-Men will go in the MCU. However, the MCU has a number of areas where it can be improved.

Giving characters from the past a chance

Who is the next Wolverine?
Who is the next Wolverine?

The films starring Wolverine, Charles Xavier, and Magneto produced by 20th Century Fox will live on in pop culture history. With respect to the former two, the studio was able to accomplish this twice. First with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, and then with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. However, it was clear from the start that those three characters were the mutants filmmakers were most instantly inclined towards. This, with the rest serving as support for the Magneto-Xavier-Logan show.

As noted above, the First Class era attempted to make amends. They did so by having Wolverine play a supporting role exclusively in Days of Future Past. However, the focus shifted to Beast (Nicolas Hoult) and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) and Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) got more attention and much more chemistry starting with Apocalypse than Famke Janssen and James Marsden’s iterations. However, the X-Men films have had a hard time feeling like team-up movies. On the other hand, Marvel Studios has shown it can do it with ease.

More screen time for some characters

Storm X-Men
Storm X-Men

In addition, the X-Men series had a problematic tendency of introducing new characters. However, they did nothing with them and eventually pushed those characters to the shadows. Some names include Angel, Emma Frost, Jubilee, and Psylocke among many others. As entertaining as it was to see some of these characters on screen, their appearances often felt like they didn’t add up to much. In addition, they could have been replaced with any mutant character in order to deliver some new special impact power exhibits.

Marvel Studios can give more screen time to characters from the past but have had little to do anything. For instance, Storm. She made an appearance in nearly all of the X-Men films. But she never rose to the level of the goddess she is revered for in the comics. There’s a lot of potentials to explore and create new dynamics with all of the mutants from the comics.

It will be fine to not see Professor Xavier, Magneto, and Wolverine in the Marvel movies. No brainer: these characters are already a hit with the audience. It might be more of a tour de force and more enticing for Marvel Studios to do what it does and make audiences care about characters they never thought about before.

Adopting from the 90’s costumes

X-Men In leather suits
X-Men In leather suits

The black leather outfits in most of Fox’s X-Men films were disappointing to many fans. Even though the subsequent films in the series, made significant strides in the right direction, they failed to capture the aesthetic of the comic book X-Men.

Many of the X-Men’s looks including Wolverine’s iconic mask, can be translated to screen than they’re meant to without looking ridiculous. We’ve been seeing near-perfect adaptations of Captain America’s and Batman’s costumes that are instantly out of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Costume designers don’t have to use as many pouches as they did in the 90s X-Men comics, but there’s still a lot to work with when it comes to bringing those epic styles to life on screen.

The conflicts that were never explored

mister sinister

When it comes to creating epic conflicts between heroes and villains, Marvel Studios definitely knows how to play hardball. It took the Avengers six years to take on Thanos, and the post-Infinity Saga landscape is just getting underway with the threat of Kang. That’s not to say that Marvel Studios is perfect when it comes to making the most of potentially life-changing conflicts. Hela, Malekith, and Surtur all seem like a waste of potential in terms of the dangers they could have posed.

Furthermore, the previous franchise focused heavily on the conflict between Magneto and Xavier. So, it would be good to step away from that and bring new conflicts and mutant equations. There is no point in limiting these characters to the contrary views of two individuals when there are nearly as many mutant villains as there are heroes.

Re-imagining the continuity 

Deadpool And X-Men

Some fans prefer Fox’s X-Men series because it allows directors to tell tales without thinking about how they fit into the timeline or which actors need to return to reprise their roles. Unpredictability had a humorous aspect to it, which was heightened by Deadpool’s 4th-wall-breaking antics in particular.

But on the other hand, it’ll be great to see the X-Men with a new framework, with a feeling of time passing and the evolution of the connection between humans and mutants. To an extent, the X-Men comics have a strong sense of continuity that informs the present, which is most obvious in Jonathan Hickman’s current X-line.

In conclusion, the MCU has an opportunity to provide a more comprehensive and forward perspective to the narratives of mutants and their challenges, while also presenting an intimate approach to characters that were not previously given the limelight.