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Here’s How Powerful Starfox Is In Comparison To Thanos

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 13,2022

Could Starfox be more powerful than his brother Thanos? The presence of Starfox in Marvel’s Eternals as Thanos’ brother has raised questions about the character’s power in the MCU. As one of the most formidable adversaries the MCU’s heroes have ever faced in Thanos, a character who is genetically related to him should be no less formidable. Although he made a brief appearance in Eternals, there were no indications of his abilities or fighting prowess.

Harry Styles’ MCU character wasn’t featured much in the film. However, it was hinted that he would play an important role in future Eternal-related projects. He made his grand entrance in the post-credits scene alongside Pip the Troll, who introduced the prince of Titan and a galactic hero with an impressive resume. Assuming that Pip is telling the truth about the adventures of Thanos’ brother across the cosmos, Starfox could prove to be an invaluable ally for the Eternals in the coming years, and even join the Avengers as Phase 5 approaches.

Will Starfox Battle It Out With Thanos?

Starfox And Thanos

Starfox And Thanos

Is Starfox as powerful as he appears to be in the MCU? Marvel Comics’ use of him puts the spotlight on what the hero can offer. When he appeared in the comics, he was known for his ability to telepathically influence the pleasure center of a person’s brain. However, this was only a small part of his arsenal of abilities. Starfox was a superhero who could fly and had super strength on par with Spider-Man, Beast, and Wolverine. However, he was still a notch below the most dominant characters in the Marvel Universe. Hulk, Thor, and Thanos were not Starfox’s level. Despite having a lot of raw power, he couldn’t defeat his brother by himself.

Assuming that Starfox’s powers are anything like those of his comic counterpart, he would have fared much better against Thanos than most of the Avengers in both Infinity War and Endgame. Even if he had been present in the final battle of Endgame, he would have lost a one-on-one matchup despite his strength. It has been shown in the comics that Starfox has the speed and strength to deal with Thanos’ blows. However, he usually crumbles under the weight of the villain’s physical might after a while.

Because of the events of Endgame, there will be no need for Starfox to oppose his brother in any future MCU films. Possibly, Thanos’ killing spree would have been curtailed if the villain had the ability to defeat him. There’s a good chance that the two have already fought. If this is the case, we may learn more about Starfox’s past with Thanos and his life before the Eternals when he next appears in the MCU.

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