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Here’s How The Agatha Series Sets Up Young Avengers, Midnight Sons And Fantastic Four

By Eswar Keshav
August 28,2022

Recently at San Diego Comic-Con, there was an announcement regarding the Agatha series, that it would be released in Winter 2023, and the official title was Agatha: Coven Of Chaos.

Fans have been excited since the announcement, to see some characters who might appear in the series and a few teams which would be hinted at the end of the series.

The Possible Teams Which Would Be Showcased

Agatha In Fantastic Four

Agatha In Fantastic Four

First and foremost, we will be surely receiving easter eggs or a small tease regarding her role as Franklin Richard’s caretaker. Reed Richards and Sue Richards needed someone to take care of their kid Franklin Richards and Agatha Harkness was the first one to take on that role. She proved herself to be worthy of that role and also taught Franklin how to control his powers along with aiding the Fantastic Four members from threats many a few times.

There have been some rumors that the character Billy Maximoff aka Wiccan will be appearing in the series, this further proves the setting up of Young Avengers, starting from Ant-Man 3.

Agatha was also namedropped to be the antagonist in one of the most recent Midnight Sons comic storylines, perhaps this might play into a similar version in the series, where Agatha is initially shown unable to control her powers and some other heroes step in for the job. There have also been a few rumors about how we will be able to see the first on-screen appearance of Ghost Rider, Daniel Ketch in MCU and that for several episodes. This further increases the probability of a Midnight Sons set up in the series.

The Set Up For Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

Agatha will most likely be appearing on the good side of the Fantastic Four, her role as Franklin Richard’s caretaker is indispensable in the story.

Further, she helped the Fantastic Four from several threats which only leads us to think about how the ending of WandaVision comes into play here.

We have already been notified of the Fantastic Four movie, kicking off Phase 6, which makes it all the more plausible to assume that this plan is set into motion.

Young Avengers Setup

Wiccan In Young Avengers

Wiccan In Young Avengers

There have been some talks about a character appearing in Coven Of Chaos, fitting the description of Wiccan perfectly. Wiccan aka Billy Maximoff is a character part of the Young Avengers and if his appearance is right, it looks palpable to think we might also be seeing Speed aka Thomas Shepherd too.

The search for gifted individuals in the recruitment for Young Avengers looks like it will be starting from Ant-Man 3, with Kate Bishop recruiting Stature and going ahead with the plan in Captain America. Two more superheroes’ full-fledged appearances in this series would be also made sure the Young Avengers team up and further boost the search done by Kate Bishop.

Midnight Sons Setup

Midnight Sons

Midnight Sons

There is a high probability of Daniel Ketch Ghost Rider making his appearance in this series, Daniel Ketch in the comics was the brother of Johnny Blaze and also part of the famous team Midnight Sons.

Midnight Sons is a team of highly capable people, focusing on magical threats, formed by the Ghost Riders, Daniel Ketch, and Johnny Blaze to defeat the threat of Lilith, also known to be Mother To All Demons.

Midnight Sons have had lots of members over the years and have handled many big threats, Doctor Strange was also another crucial part in the establishing of the team, who didn’t join in till later.

Agatha series seems to be the perfect spot to introduce these new characters and team to us, before uniting to battle against Kang the Conqueror. Dealing with more magical threats, the team had done well in fending off threats from Earth 616, also increasing its roster of characters from time to time.

When Can We Expect Young Avengers And Midnight Sons Projects

Avengers Kang Dynasty

Avengers Kang Dynasty

From the Comic-Con announcements, there were a lot of Phase 6 projects left empty, either to wait till a certain time to announce them or to not spoil the watching experience for anyone.

This may hold for how both Young Avengers and Midnight Sons projects are yet to be officially announced, waiting for people to reach that certain point in the story. The most plausible release dates for both these projects, bend more towards Phase 6, which might be present in the unannounced series or movies.

It only makes more sense to showcase all these groups before the final Avengers call during Kang Invasion on Earth. Bringing this multitude pool of characters is what Marvel has done for Infinity War and Endgame, which would also be the same case for Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

Key Release Dates