Here's How The Watcher Will Beat Ultron In Marvel's What If...?
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Here’s How The Watcher Will Beat Ultron In Marvel’s What If…?

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 30,2021

Uatu the Watcher has been found and assaulted by Ultron in the Marvel’s What If…? episode 8 finale. He is left with no option but to become involved in order to fight the AI–holding-an-Infinity-Stone intent on destroying the whole universe. Episode 8 of What If…? speculates on what could have happened if Ultron had won the war against the Avengers instead of them. As a result, he was able to achieve “peace” on Earth by using nuclear weapons and legions of drones to wipe off almost the entire population. After slaying Thanos and claiming the Infinity Stones for himself, he discovered the wider multiverse.

Ultron eventually realized the Watcher and the universe he witnessed after destroying countless planets. Unfortunately, the Watcher was unable to stop the merciless AI conqueror from invading his other universe. The two cosmically strong creatures then engaged in a cosmic duel. They hit each other across different eras of time while the Watcher fought back. Ultron, on the other hand, proved to be a match even for the Watcher. This ultimately forced him to flee for the time being.

To defeat Ultron in future episodes, it seems as if the Watcher has no choice except to violate his pledge to never intervene. Aside from that, previous episodes of What If…? have hinted at the formation of the Guardians of the Universe, a team that would face up against the mysterious new Ultron, who appears to be the most formidable creature in the multiverse.

Why Did The Watcher Break His Oath? 

Watcher Vs Ultron In What If Episode 8

Watcher Vs Ultron In What If Episode 8

The Watcher was made to fight Ultron in What If…? episode 8’s conclusion. As a result, the fight between Uatu and the cosmic watcher took place mostly on the physical realms, in full view of many mortals. Eventually, it becomes clear that Ultron’s destructive force would murder Uatu. This is when the Watcher puts on a suit of armor in order to protect the multiverse from Ultron’s apparently insurmountable and deadly might. In spite of the fact that battling Ultron violated his pledge, the Watcher’s unintentional involvement was mainly against his choice and came from a need for life.

It was only when they were alone that he decided to fight back ferociously. He did so while making sure that his actions would be hidden from those who lived in the timelines they were in. After a while, it became apparent that the Watcher couldn’t take on Ultron alone. So, he went off to strategize and form allies. As a result, the Watcher made the conscious decision to break his oath. Moreover, he also accepts that there are no other means to protect the multiverse.

Uatu may be a bystander, but he has shown himself to be altruistic over What If…episodes ?’s as he has grown into a more substantial presence and has gone dangerously near to intervening previously. Well before the Watcher faces Ultron in episode 8, Uatu shows his concern for mankind and desire to defend it. He is compelled to do so when no one else is left. The eradication of the multiverse would signal the end of his own quest, leaving him with nothing to look after.

Why Does The Watcher Turn To The Evil Doctor Strange?

Watcher Vs Ultron In What If Episode 8

Watcher Vs Ultron In What If Episode 8

After Ultron’s defeat, the Watcher returned to the shattered world of the evil Doctor Strange, alias the Strange Supreme. He found the cosmos to be in ruins. Owing to the Watcher’s reluctance to interfere, Strange has been imprisoned on the final scrap of reality that remains after his world was utterly destroyed in his effort to change an exact moment in time. Marvel’s What If…? episode 8 ends with the Watcher begging for Strange’s assistance. Following this, Strange is forced to violate his pledge to destroy Ultron. There are two reasons why the Watcher traveled to Strange.



First and foremost, Strange had amassed sufficient black magic and might to defy time itself. When the Strange Supreme used the Infinity Stones to wipe out his whole world, it seems as though he still had access to that ability. Furthermore, Strange seems to be the only one who is cognizant of the Watcher’s presence apart from Ultron himself. This leaves him the obvious option for Uatu to contact for assistance first. The Watcher previously violated his restrictions with Doctor Strange once, communicating to him – though not really intervening, so there is a proven connection there and, with few heroes remaining, it makes logical sense that he would turn to Strange Supreme.

What Could Episode 8 Be Set For The Future?


Vision devouring worlds – reminiscence of Galactus

At least partly based on Tony Stark’s own warped God complex, Ultron has a motivation to wipe out mankind in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This is why he wants to destroy everything. Since Ultron learned how to travel between realities in the last scene of What If…? episode 7, it seems as if he will begin conquering alternative worlds now that he’s found their existence and how to use it to his advantage. If Ultron isn’t stopped, he’ll keep destroying worlds and timelines indefinitely, claiming the lives of billions in the process.

It seems, however, that the Watcher in What If…? does have the foundations of a strategy because of his desire for Black Widow and Hawkeye to locate Arnim Zola’s AI mind and hack into Ultron’s network in order to eliminate Ultron from the inside out. Even if it succeeds, Zola and Black Widow will be unable to find Ultron after he has stepped into the Watcher’s own realm of existence. It’s revealed at the end of episode 8 that the dark Doctor Strange plans to have Uatu break his oath of non-interference even further. So, he’s definitely getting ready to fight Ultron once more. However, only this time with the power of not only Doctor Strange Supreme but a whole team of superheroes.

How Will The Guardians of The Multiverse Help?

What If Episode 9 Teaser

What If Episode 9 Teaser

According to teasers, the Strange Supreme is just the beginning of the Watcher’s plan to assemble a band of heroes from many realities. These include the one seen in the comics. This squad will be called Guardians of the Multiverse. The Watcher has a fighting chance against Ultron if the Multiverse’s Mightiest Heroes band together. This is still to be made official. However, the teasers have hinted at a star-studded cast.

These will include T’Challa’s Star-Lord as well as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Thor the Mighty, and Gamora. Them, as well as the Watcher and Doctor Strange, making for a formidable foe in the form of Ultron. By becoming the ultimate evil guy with the Infinity Stones, Ultron poses a serious danger. He does so not just to the universe as a whole but also to the Watcher. The Watcher is now forced to become engaged in the multiverse’s narratives to ensure its survival. It is to be hoped that The Avengers: Infinity War will be able to assist in saving all of the other worlds from Ultron.

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