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Here’s How Tony Stark’s EDITH Will Make A Comeback In Phase 4

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 31,2022

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker received a new AI in Spider-Man: Far From Home, thanks to Tony Stark. An artificially intelligent defense and security system is known as EDITH (Even Dead, I’m the Hero) was developed. The sequel’s narrative relied heavily on the AI glasses. This served both as a benefit and a drawback throughout the course of the film.

At first, Peter Holland was the only one with access to Stark Industries’ advanced artificial intelligence. This allowed him to use tactical drones. Mysterio was openly given this dangerous weapon by Peter Parker. Far From Home showed that Tony Stark’s EDITH is a horrific device that could instantly become an existential threat if left unchecked. This was so even though Peter managed to defeat Mysterio and regain access to EDITH in the sequel. EDITH’s complicated situation was briefly teased in NWH.

Here’s Where EDITH Is In NWH


After Mysterio revealed his identity to the entire world in No Way Home, Holland’s Peter went through a rough patch. Quentin Beck was also framed for his death by the web-crawler.

MJ, Ned, and Aunt May are all detained for interrogation by the Department of Damage Control as a result of Peter’s chaotic situation. Due to EDITH’s presence, Stark Industries was also embroiled in controversy. However, this brief scene could have major repercussions for Peter’s future and the rest of the MCU.

Toward the end of No Way Home, Peter Parker’s identity is lost to the world. It was Holland’s Peter who decided to give up his past by allowing Dr. Strange to cast the powerful spell. Assuming that the spell only affects living creatures, this raises the possibility that Parker’s acquired technology, such as Tony Stark’s EDITH, will be affected. After the charges against Parker were dropped, Damage Control may or may not have returned EDITH to Parker.

Happy Hogan may have been told by Parker to keep the glasses safe after the dangers they posed in Far from Home. Also, it begs the question as to whether Parker was able to successfully shut down EDITH’s protocols. Furthermore, the question of whether he was too engrossed in the excitement of the moment to remember also arises. A number of upcoming projects, including Armor Wars and Ironheart, may shed light on the EDITH enigma.

EDITH In Armor Wars



Marvel Studios’ best bet to clear up the EDITH-related haze is Armor Wars. Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes will continue his story after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Kevin Feige has confirmed that the story will revolve around Tony Stark’s tech getting into the wrong hands, which is a perfect scenario for devices like Tony Stark’s EDITH.

Although EDITH’s protocols may still be intact, it’s unclear who is responsible for breaking into such a complex system. Even though Quentin Beck has been replaced as the head of Stark Industries, the team’s members still harbor feelings of resentment towards their former employer.

A way into the base where EDITH is being held could be found by William Ginter Riva. A tracker could also make it easier for him to find them if he had put one in the glasses. It’s possible that War Machine and EDITH will face off against each other in Armor Wars.

EDITH In Iron heart

Riri Williams

Riri Williams

Because Rhodey is going up against the same drones that his best friend built, this fight has a unique dynamic because it will force him to confront his own emotions. Conversely, Ironheart could focus on the positive aspects of EDITH rather than its negative aspects. Using Tony Stark’s AI counterpart, Riri Williams was able to create a better suit of armor in the comics.

To become a fully functional AI in the MCU, EDITH may fall into the hands of Williams or another character with the technical know-how to do so. For Williams, the program could serve as a sort of initial AI, similar to that of Stark’s Jarvis. Many believe that bringing EDITH back in Spider-Man 4 would be a mistake given Peter’s new start after NWH. Instead of revisiting Tony Stark’s legacy, the fourth Tom Holland-led film could focus more on the grounded side of the web-slinging hero.

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