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Here’s How Ultron Got The Soul Stone And The Reality Stone In What If…?

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 29,2021

In the past several years, the MCU has grown to new heights. Since the events of Infinity War and Endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken on a new look. Marvel Studios appears to have no intention of slowing it down once the Infinity storyline concludes. What if…? concludes with a different cliffhanger every episode. And in Episode 7, the audience saw Ultron wielding all six Infinity Stones for the first time. Nevertheless, fans want to know how Ultron obtained the Soul and Reality Stones in What If…?

When you least expect it, the What If…? episodes take a severe left turn. While viewing the most recent episode of the show, fans anticipated a laid-back atmosphere given the episode’s central subject of Party Thor. There was a huge surprise, though, that had even the most skeptical fan screaming in terror and pleasure at the conclusion. It seemed as though Ultron had brought all six infinity stones with him, as well as what appeared to be the body of vision. The AI overlord seems to be at the pinnacle of his powers at this point in time. He even came equipped with an army.

While this serves to heighten interest in What If…?’s season finale, after all this time, there are still some big mysteries surrounding Thanos. One of the most pressing questions we have is how Ultron obtained the soul stone and the Reality stone in the first place. Except for Gamora, no one knew where the soul stone was hidden on Vormir. Ultron would have a hard time sacrificing someone he cares about, as well.

How did Ultron get the stones?

Ultron With Infinity Stones (2)

Ultron With Infinity Stones

Musphelheim is home to the reality stone, and there is no way to get to it without the help of the Asgardian race. The belief here is that Ultron is a time traveler, at least in this iteration. Ultron is clearly a force that is beyond our comprehension. He’s got the best of everything: a flawless physique, the most powerful arsenal imaginable. The fact that the most apparent evil is in total command cannot be by chance.

It’s almost as though Ultron was aware of everything going on, including the Odin slumber. Because the vision never existed,  this Ultron might have arrived from a time when he had already been vanquished by the Avengers. This Ultron, therefore, was a complete failure in terms of producing anything else. Regardless of what happened in Sokovia, he may have managed to flee into hiding like his fictional alter ego.

That’s when the bad guy would’ve preferred to spend his time until Stark came up with time travel and struck just as the technology was about to be perfected for his own use. As a result, he would have been able to go back in time and gather the stones at just the right time! Aside from solving his current issue, he could have also solved his previous problem of obtaining the soul stone by simply killing Clint while in possession of it. After obtaining Odin’s vault’s space stone, obtaining the reality stone would have been a lot simpler.

What is the time-travelling

Ultron With infinity Stones

Ultron With infinity Stones

menace all about?


For a time traveler, finding the best time to strike is as simple as pressing a button. As soon as Ultron has gone back in time to gather all of the stones, he’ll be ready to build his own army. Instead, he would have attacked and looted Wakanda, taking their vibranium as a consequence. Ultron should have been prepared to take his revenge on the Avengers after all his planning, and he seems to accomplish just that at the conclusion of the episode. Even if the show’s finale is still a few episodes away, Ultron is clearly the show’s primary antagonist at this point.

If this is correct, Ultron’s time traveler expertise has come to an end. As a result of this, the robot must utilize his powers, as well as the stones, to eliminate the Avengers and take his vengeance.

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