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Here’s The Eternals’ Most Likely Avengers Leader That Marvel Is Hiding

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 1,2021

It’s the Eternals movie that’s hiding the character who’s most likely to be the leader of the Avengers. The first trailer hinted that Ikaris could take charge of the Avengers. It was a joke. However, that doesn’t mean the movie’s events will have no bearing on who becomes the next leader of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

When Will, the Avengers’ Next Leader, Be Introduced?

Because of the deaths of Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow, the Avengers’ status quo is currently tense. It wasn’t until Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings that it became clear that the team was still functioning. In the meantime, it’s still unclear who’s in charge.

Some speculate that since the Infinity Saga concluded, none of the current MCU superheroes have risen to the challenge. The Avengers’ lack of a leader in the Eternals movie is also hinted at in a conversation about the film’s timeline.

Captain America vs. Iron Man

Captain America vs. Iron Man

The next leader may not be introduced until later in the series. But the person who will hold this position may be already in the show. The Black Knight, aka Dane Whitman, is one of the key heroes of the Avengers. As a result, he is also one of the best candidates for the job in the MCU despite his minimal marketing presence.


kit-Harington as black-knight

Harington plays Whitman, a normal human being with no apparent superpowers, Sersi’s modern-day love interest. Whitman’s character has already been confirmed by Marvel not to become the Black Knight or even wield the Ebony Blade. This makes him a less than obvious choice to be the next leader of the Avengers. That said, his character’s long-term goal may still be to become the leader of the team.

Who would be a better fit?

Because of his comic book history, Marvel may be considering making Black Knight the next team leader. Despite his lack of prominence in the last two decades of comics, Dane Whitman was a key member of the group in the 1980s and the first decade of the 1990s. Black Knight became the team’s field leader due to his long association with the group. He even became the face of The Avengers comic.

Black Knight

Black Knight

Here, he appeared on more covers and in more stories than any other Marvel character at the time ever had. Black Knight indeed lacked superhuman abilities. However, he was still an excellent choice for this role, thanks to his expert swordsmanship and strategic thinking skills.

Dane Whitman may not be able to make much progress toward becoming the next leader of the Avengers. This will be the case if he doesn’t get a chance to become the Black Knight or get his hands on the Ebony Blade in the Eternals film.

However, Marvel can build up to that in the film. At some point, Marvel could subtly set up a heroic, take-charge Black Knight moment in the MCU to do justice to the comic book hero.

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