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Leaked Video Shows Emilia Clarke Facing Against A CGI Character In Secret Invasion

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 7,2022

Even a glimpse of Emilia Clarke’s action scene would be enough for fans to get excited about The Secret Invasion. Despite the lack of a release date for Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion, the series’ subject matter is enough to keep MCU fans on edge. In addition to returning actors such as Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, the mini-series will also feature MCU newcomers such as Emilia Clarke.

Basically, Secret Invasion will tell a story about the Skrulls invading Earth, which means that everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in danger of being replaced or duplicated. For the first time since Spider-Man: Far From Home, Nick Fury and General Talos will have to work together to find out who these Skrulls are and what they plan to do with Fury’s home planet.

A physical fight between these Skrulls and Marvel’s superheroes is a hallmark of the MCU’s storytelling over the past 14 years. Some of Clarke’s first Marvel Studios fight scenes were teased in a new video, though most of them remain a mystery.

CGI Character vs. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke's Superpowers In the MCU

Emilia Clarke

Tweeted by @Daenerys4lyfe, a 23-second clip from Marvel Studios’ secret invasion shoot has gone viral on Twitter.

The video shows Emilia Clarke and someone in a gray motion-capture CGI suit filming together in a studio. We are left with the impression that the CGI character is choking Clarke as she struggles for her life on the ground beneath.

Emilia Clarke Mysterious MCU Debut

Secret Invasion Set Video Shows Emilia Clarke Acting Strange

Secret Invasion Set Video Shows Emilia Clarke Acting Strange

In spite of the fact that it’s exciting to see more footage of Clarke on the set of her first Marvel movie, there’s very little information to go on. Until Clarke’s role is revealed, it’s difficult to speculate about this scene as she fights an unknown opponent. Fans can expect to see more action in the MCU after Emilia Clarke’s time as the show’s lead, so keep an eye out for more fight scenes in the near future.

Earlier in 2022, set footage showed Clarke walking down a UK street while Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill was lurking close behind her. A lot of the mystery surrounding Clarke’s role in Secret Invasion should be cleared up once more information is made public. The Marvel Studios’ secrets are safe for the time being, however, as the show works toward its much-anticipated premiere.

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