Here’s What Joe Russo Says About Avengers 5 & Secret Wars Rumors

For decades, Marvel and Kevin Feige have been finding and developing new stars in the film industry and making them big in Hollywood. The Russo

By Mabel Judith Andrady
December 15,2021
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For decades, Marvel and Kevin Feige have been finding and developing new stars in the film industry and making them big in Hollywood. The Russo Brothers, who discovered Tom Holland and Christopher Hiddleston, have shown the studio’s ability to cultivate new talent. The duo’s first big break came in 2014 with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Thereon, they followed up with Avengers: Endgame.

Fans are keen to see what the Russo Brothers have in store for them. This is after their two highly acclaimed Captain America films and the climactic Avengers installments of the Infinity Saga. Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and Cherry, starring Tom Holland as Spider-Man, are two of the directing duo’s latest projects since their last stint with Marvel.

After a few months of speculation, one-half of the Russo Brothers has confirmed that they will be returning to the MCU for Phase 4.

Avengers 5 Rumors Get an Answer

With Avengers: Endgame nearing its release, Phase Zero’s Brandon Davis had the opportunity to talk to Joe Russo about the possibility of a return to the MCU.

Russo confirmed that he and his brother/directing partner Anthony Russo are not ready for a potential Secret Wars project, but it may happen “one of these days.”

“Eh, you know one of these days, we’ll have to see how this all shakes out. I don’t know what they’re going to do with all these characters!”

Joe was asked about reports that he and his brother are talking with Marvel to direct another film. However, the director refused to discuss it. Asked if he had any doubts, Russo said, “I’d love to work with them:”

“Uh, you know we love those guys and I can’t say one way or another. But I’d work with them in a heartbeat, best working experience of ours careers, they’ll like family to us, and you know we love this material and we love the fans.”

The Next MCU Project From The Russo Brothers

Doctor Strange In Infinity War

They appear to be keeping the possibility of a hero’s return open. After directing four critically and financially successful MCU films, there’s no doubt Marvel Studios wants to keep the conversation going. However, it’s much more difficult to speculate on which MCU project the directing duo might be considering.

The Russo Brothers directed three massive ensemble blockbusters. As a reason, it’s reasonable to assume that he’ll be returning to direct Avengers 5, the next installment in the Avengers series. While it may be time for a new filmmaker to take the reins after two successful collaborations with the Russos, the door is still open for the Russo brothers to confront something else.

The Russos’ superhero debut, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, remains one of the best solo outings in the MCU. Marvel fans shouldn’t eliminate the possibility of another Marvel hero being brought to life by the directing team.

As it turns out, the fourth Captain America film remains without a director. The Russos could return to the patriotic franchise if Kari Skogland’s obligations to Gal Gadot’s Cleopatra prove problematic. However, the Russos are expected to direct the upcoming Disney+ series.

The Russo Brothers For More Projects?

Russo Brothers

The Russos are an excellent choice to direct the MCU’s X-Men reboot. This revival is currently being made under The Mutants’ working title due to their extensive experience working with large ensembles. There is no doubt that the Bucketheads are interested in the mutant side of the Marvel universe. This is evidenced by their previous discussions on how Wolverine should be handled in the MCU.

All four of the Russo Brothers’ MCU films have been huge successes. As a reason, Disney and Marvel Studios are almost certainly going to give them free rein to do whatever they want now. In the wake of Avengers: Endgame’s record-breaking box office, they may be under pressure to produce another hit.

It may be months or even years before fans learn anything tangible about the Russos’ hopeful future in the MCU. This is because the release date for Avengers 5 has not even been announced yet.