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Here’s What Lies Ahead For MCU’s Spiderman

By Rhea Tiwari
August 3,2022

As heartbreaking as it was, the ending of Spiderman: No Way Home brings us a Peter Parker that is closest to the comic book’s Spidey. But fear not, such a conclusion opens up a vast range of possible futures for the new Spiderman movies. Kevin Feige has even shed some light on what the future holds for our friendly neighborhood web-slinger. 

Letting His Science-Side Out?

Peter Parker

Now that Peter Parker is essentially unknown to everyone thanks to Doctor Strange’s spell, several possibilities lie ahead. This would be a good time for his character to explore more of his interests in the science field and take on solo adventures and experiments. 

Kevin Feige has even stated that he envisions Peter Parker as either a scientist or teacher. Perhaps this may be a bit of a stretch seeing that Peter has only just graduated high school, we have seen him preparing for college admissions in No Way Home. 

Therefore, focusing on his life as a young adult, a struggling but genius student with no one to turn to is possible. Such a future would no doubt enhance the duality of Spiderman’s life as he is a character that is canonically hailed for remaining anonymous. 

Spidey’s Future Adventures?

Daredevil and Spider-Man

Daredevil and Spider-Man

Reclaiming his role of the friendly neighborhood spiderman, we bet that Spiderman’s future roles will have him closer to the streets. This is even more likely with the recent announcement of Daredevil. 

So, perhaps our Spiderman is done with his share of cosmic and extraterrestrial adventures for the time being. And maybe a newer, scaled-down storyline for Spiderman 4 will be refreshing for viewers. 

How Does Spiderman Fit Into The Multiverse Saga Now That No One Knows Peter Parker?

During the events of No Way Home, we’ve seen MCU’s Spiderman having his fair share of multiversal experiences. This is what has now brought him to where he is – lonelier than ever. 

Spiderman Contract

Spiderman Contract

Now, with the new Spiderman movie still in the early stages of development, we must remember that Sony still owns the rights to the character. This means that they also get to decide his level of involvement in the other multiversal projects. 




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