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Here’s What Moon Knight’s Villain Has Done That Thor Couldn’t

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 14,2022

What did Moon Knight’s Villain do in the first 2 episodes? Moon Knight introduces a new character to the MCU, unlike previous small-screen MCU projects. After a less-than-ideal debut in X-Men: Apocalypse, Oscar Isaac returns to the Marvel sandbox as a hero, albeit a complicated one, as Moon Knight. One of the main characters, Marc Spector/Steven Grant, takes on the role of Khonshu’s conduit. In the series, Arthur Harrow is a cult leader who wants to stop evil in its tracks by preventing it from ever happening in the first place.

Backing Up The Villain

Moon Knight

Arthur Harrow

Arthur still has plenty of time to complete his evil plans, despite the fact that Moon Knight only has two episodes available. However, he has already accomplished something remarkable when compared to other MCU villains. He has built a strong following of people who genuinely believe in his methods. This is hinted at in the pilot, but the second episode of Moon Knight gives viewers a fuller picture of how adored Arthur is by his neighbors.

Even if they’re misinformed, the people who back the villain are unquestionably committed to his cause. In the MCU, Thanos never had the opportunity to do this. Even though the Titan had a small army of fighters with him, it was unclear if they were just with him because he forced them or if they truly believed in what he was doing.

After accomplishing his goal of wiping out half of all sentient life, Thanos never had the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Even though it took the Avengers five years to undo the Decimation, the heroes who had survived were able to track down and kill the villain as soon as he had retired to his “garden”.

Making Missions More Difficult

Arthur Harrow holding scarab

Arthur Harrow holding scarab

On-the-ground, support for the villain has been revealed in MCU Phase 4, with some expressing support for the “Thanos was right” movement. However, both his Sacred Timeline incarnation and his alternate 2014 version are dead, and neither had the opportunity to interact with anyone who believed in his misguided vision at this point in history.

On the other hand, Arthur Harrow has gotten to take advantage of the positive attention he’s receiving on a few different occasions now. It isn’t uncommon for some of these followers to seek him out because they are so convinced of what he is doing. Consequently, Arthur is able to mobilize them in a way that is advantageous to him. In Moon Knight, Arthur’s cult turned against Spector/Grant, and fans have seen this before. In addition to his thugs, the cult members of Moon Knight’s villain make the mission much more difficult. That wasn’t an option for Thanos.

Whoever supports Thanos or Arthur Harrow is wrong for trying to play god. On a number of occasions, the MCU has shown that the Titan’s justification for the snap is flawed. Steven Grant perfectly summed up this issue in episode 2. Because Marvel Studios appears to be actively addressing complaints that its baddies are underpowered, this is good news for fans of the franchise.

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