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Here’s How Peter Dinklage’s Eitri Will Impact Thor: Love And Thunder

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 4,2022

In Love and Thunder, Peter Dinklage hinted at a return to the MCU, and there are numerous possibilities for an Eitri appearance in the future. Taika Waititi, the director of Thor: Ragnarok, is bringing Chris Hemsworth’s Thor back in the upcoming Thor 4. With hints from the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, fans can expect to see Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman reprise their roles as Valkyrie and Jane Foster, respectively. Additionally, Christian Bale, who plays the Dark Knight, will play Gorr the God Butcher, a villain out to exact revenge on the gods for abandoning him. He also renders his talents to the production, portraying Zeus.

However, Peter Dinklage hinted that Eitri would appear in Thor 4 despite his Marvel role is over. Infinity War was the first time that Dinklage’s character appeared in the MCU. The King of the Dwarves assisted Thor in forging Stormbreaker, a weapon he hoped to use in his battle against Thanos. It has, however, been unclear as to what the character’s future holds.

Reason For Eitri’s Return



Peter Dinklage hinted at Eitri’s return to the MCU in a recent interview with The Empire Film Podcast. On the subject of his comeback, the actor responded by saying, “There’s another Thor movie there, isn’t there?” After the remarks, the actor joked that he “didn’t say anything.” However, there is a strong suggestion. Eitri appears to be returning to the MCU after Dinklage’s remarks.

There are a slew of reasons why Marvel might bring Eitri back. Eitri was able to assist in the recovery of Mjolnir after Hela destroyed it in Ragnarok. Because of this, MCU villain Gorr could follow in the footsteps of Thanos and make a weapon for himself. Gorr is a god-killer, and Eitri is a friend of Thor, so the King of the Dwarves may not last long in the MCU. Nonetheless. Eitri’s hands were taken away by Thanos, but a different version of the protagonist could bring them back.

Jane Foster’s Mjolnir Will Be Rebuilt By Eitri

Jane Foster's new look in Thor: Love and Thunder

Lady Thor with the broken Mjolnir

In Ragnarok, Mjolnir was destroyed by Waititi. As fans have witnessed, the death of Odin frees Hela from her captivity and allows her to wreak havoc on Asgard. In the meantime, she meets with Thor and Loki. Thor’s attack is thwarted when the Goddess of Death grabs Mjolnir from the air and smashes it to pieces. Despite the fact that even Captain America uses Thor’s weapon in Endgame, this version of Mjolnir is from a different time period in the MCU. After all, is said and done, the alternate Mjolnir of Thor is returned to its rightful place.

The return of Mjolnir in the upcoming Thor 4 film has already been hinted at in Marvel toys. In the new toys, Jane is seen wielding what appears to be a reassembled Mjolnir. As of right now, it appears that Thor’s primary weapon is still Stormbreaker. Because she will have Thor’s hammer in the upcoming film, it’s only fitting that Jane Foster should have it as well. The only surviving Nidavellir survivor, Eitri, appears to be the best candidate to fix the problem. Mjolnir was created by Eitri, after all. Since the weapon was destroyed, he should have brought it back to life. Also, the Dwarven King of the Dwarves is the only one who has the power to repair Thor’s hammer.

Gorr Will Get A Weapon From Eitri

Thor Love and Thunder

Gorr vs. Thor in Marvel Comics

Eitri’s backstory in the MCU isn’t all that wholesome. Dwarf King reveals to Thor in Infinity War that Thanos compelled him to make a gauntlet to regulate the Infinity Stones when he is found by Thor. Thanos killed all the dwarves except for Eitri after Eitri created the weapon. The character’s hands were then encased in metal so that he would never be able to forge another weapon. Thor arrives to see Eitri while he is still reeling from the ordeal. Eitri tells the God of Thunder, “You were supposed to protect us.”

In Thor 4, Thanos could serve as a model for Gorr. However, Marvel may have entrusted All-Black, the Necrosword to Hela in Ragnarok, as the villain is known to wield it. Indeed, the weapon used by Hela in the Marvel’s What If…? Episode 2 is referred to as “a necrosword.” Eitri is a possible option for Gorr if he needs a new weapon. In spite of Thanos’ attempts to bind his hands, Thor assures the character that his ability to create weapons is still in his mind. No matter what happens in the MCU, Eitri will still have plenty of opportunities to make weapons in the future. Another theory, on the other hand, contends that he does not.

Eitri Will Be Killed By Gorr

Gorr the God Butcher

Gorr the God Butcher

The tragic backstory of Gorr mirrors that of Eitri’s. According to the Marvel comics, Gorr holds the gods responsible for the death of his family, and as a result, he sets out to exterminate them. When Gorr first meets All-Black in his comic book story, he comes across the dead bodies of gods who had been in a fight. Gorr may not need Eitri’s weapon, and the character may be in the film for a different motive. The Dwarven King Gorr could attack Eitri, who is a close ally of the God of Thunder, and provides him with Stormbreaker.

It’s possible that Peter Dinklage has hinted that Eitri wouldn’t last long in a possible Thor 4 appearance. “If you die in a Marvel movie, it doesn’t mean it’s your last Marvel movie,” the actor said in an interview with Empire. It is possible that Dinklage was implying that Marvel actors could return at any time. Eitri’s fate is currently unknown, but he could easily reappear in Thor 4 despite his disappearance in the previous film. However, the quote has a spooky vibe to it. There’s a good chance that the God Butcher in Love and Thunder will have some issues with Eitri. This would be so if she does reconstruct Mjolnir and provides Jane Foster with the power of Thor.

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