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Here’s Who Would Win If Marvel’s Avengers Played The Squid Game

By Mabel Judith Andrady
October 21,2021

Many fans are left wondering, “what if…?” after seeing Netflix’s hot new Squid Game series. It’s impossible to say who would triumph in a real-life rendition of the Marvel Avengers talent show. The story revolves around a group of ordinary individuals who are forced to compete in a series of deadly games. Viewers may be wondering what to anticipate from a cast of outlandish characters drawn from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ rich history.

There are six games in the Squid Game competition, each assessing different aspects of contestants’ abilities. It’s expected that all of the Avengers will perish if they suffer a defeat in their next game. All contenders are required to enter in jumpsuits, so the Avengers would have to rely on nothing but their wits and muscle to win.

To win, you must play through all six games in order. This means that some of your strongest abilities may never be put to use because of your limitations. For example, the Hulk may have an edge in the third round of tug-of-war but fail to reach that stage in the game due to the second round, which demands a player’s patience and skill. Squid Game provides a unique setting for the Avengers’ clashes because of the variety of people they bring to the table. Which of the Avengers would triumph if these guidelines were followed?

The Opening Rounds

Squid Game

Rounds one and two measure coordination, speed of reaction, and dexterity. For starters, there’s “red light, green light,” the age-old international parable. Only when a massive killer robot is faced away from the players do the protagonists in this game rush to the finish line. Any deviation from the rules will result in death. In the second round, players receive a honeycomb candy circular with an imprinted design in the center. To reveal the shape, each participant must remove the excess candy and use a sewing needle to do so. Failure to complete the objective in less than ten minutes results in death. To begin, most of the Avengers’ more ferocious members will have difficulty, including Hulk, Thor, and Thing. Even heroes like Bucky Barnes, who is capable but impulsive, could not have the patience to finish the honeycomb game.

A Test Of Strength

The physically stronger contenders are eliminated in a tug of war by a few strong characters who make it past the first two rounds. Because this is a team game, the progress of a physically weaker Avenger is entirely determined by the other Avengers on their squad. For example, Tony Stark could have a shot if he were coupled with Captain Marvel, but otherwise, he’s useless. In fact, characters like Ant-Man, Wasp, and War Machine, who rely heavily on technology in battle, would be eliminated in this round. In addition, as a test of raw strength, tug-of-war would eliminate the majority of non-powered heroes such as Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Falcon.

Mind Games

Squid Game

This gives the Avengers an advantage going into round four because of their better-balanced skill set. During the fourth round, each participant receives a bag of marbles and a partner. They can make the rules and cheat, but whoever manages to collect all of their partner’s marbles without resorting to violence wins, and their partner is put to death as a result. It’s in this environment that supernatural powers would really flourish. Nothing would stand in the way of Scarlet Witch magically influencing her opponent into handing her the marbles as a result.

Doctor Strange could easily cheat at any game using sorcery, as long as he didn’t go against the rules. Since each candidate plays one-on-one against a partner, several other contestants may make it past this stage if they weren’t up against a magically improved individual. Characters with low charisma, such as Namor and Valkyrie, will have a difficult time succeeding as a result of this.

Walking On Glass

Squid Game

‘Hopscotch,’ the fifth game, is almost similar, but players have to hop across a brittle glass bridge. Jumping onto normal glass, on the other hand, will cause the player to fall to their death because the difference between the two types of glass is so slight. Due to minor surface defects on the tempered tiles, one character in the series can tell the difference between the two types of glass. However, this extraordinary capacity for perceiving and understanding the properties of glass is far from typical.

This could be a trap for folks who lack exceptional vision and expertise and know if characters aren’t allowed to fly across. If Daredevil or Wolverine or Spider-Spidey Man’s Sense can detect the minute differences in the glass, they might be able to warn her before she steps on the wrong pane. Those who cannot identify the difference between the panes, such as Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Bucky Barnes, will have no choice but to take a chance.

Squid Game

scarlet witch

The traditional “squid game” of South Korea is the final game. Steak knives are handed out to the players, who are then divided into two teams. By trying to reach a little circle at the other end of the court, an offensive player wins. To win, the defensive player must put up a fight and try to push the offensive player off the court. The list of potential winners is long, but one jumps out. Scarlet Witch cemented her place as the most powerful Avenger in Marvel’s ground-breaking series, House of M. Because of her mental instability, she created a new reality that was more in line with her goals.

Only Doctor Strange and Professor X have ever dared to challenge this level of strength. However, in Avengers: Disassembled, Strange used the Eye of Agamotto to defeat an extremely dazed Wanda. This is something he would not have been able to bring with him into the game. As a result, the Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff, is the Squid Game’s victor.

However, Wanda Maximoff’s reality-altering skills are perfect for every situation, regardless of who the protagonist is. She might be able to get by the first round if she used simple magic like invisibility. The honeycomb game can be solved with only a tiny percentage of her power. Magic could easily shift the tug-of-war in her favor. Nearly anyone would be vanquished in marbles if she used her mind-control talents.

Magical divination could be able to assist her in figuring out which of the two windows is which. In the squid game, Scarlet Witch’s near-limitless cosmic power would be too much for anybody to handle. The Avengers in a Squid Game would be an intriguing adaption with a wide range of possibilities. However, Scarlet Witch is perhaps the most likely of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to outlive them all.

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