Here’s Why All Eternals Characters Should Return To The MCU

This is why Marvel’s Eternals characters, even those who have died, should be brought back to life. It introduces the Eternals, perhaps the most powerful superheroes in the MCU, to the audience in this film. The Celestial Arishem has entrusted the Eternals with the duty of protecting the people of Earth from the Deviants since 5,000 BC. Following an extended period of peace, a new threat has arisen and the Eternals must unite to save the world.

The return of Ajak in the future

Arishem has created a robotic shell called Eternals to fight Deviants, a deviant that went awry. The team discovers this as they gather members from around the world. Seed planet Eternals remain until the Celestial growing within them emerges and destroy the planet. At this point, the Eternals’ memories are erased and the cycle repeats. Ikaris and Ajak are presumed dead at the end of Eternals. However, that doesn’t mean audiences won’t see them again.

Marvel has already set the stage for the Eternals to return to the MCU. This is why even the dead Eternals should do so. It would give the movie’s more complex characters more time to grow.  Meanwhile, this will also prevent Disney from wasting the star power of the cast. All of the Eternals cast members are likely to have multi-movie contracts, so viewers can expect to see characters like Ajak return in the future.

To resurrect or not

Kro absorbs the powers of Ajak and Gilgamesh in Eternals. Ikaris, the MCU’s Superman, is unlikely to survive his flight into the sun. Eternals can be repaired, Arishem explains because they are synthetic beings he has created. It’s possible that the Celestials could simply recreate their memories and send them back to Earth. In light of this perfect setup, it would make sense that all of the Eternals, dead and alive, would return to the MCU in future films.

Secondarily, the Eternals are likely to reappear for reasons that aren’t as obvious. Richard Madden and Salma Hayek, two of Disney’s most famous actors, are often signed to appear in multiple films. Hayek has even confirmed to Murphy’s Multiverse that she has multiple Eternals movie contracts. To put it another way, this makes sense in light of Eternals’ star power and the role it will play in MCU’s Phase 4.

Marvel needs to be careful not to make resurrections too common, even if the Eternals have already been resurrected. There is a risk that the trope of characters like Loki surviving death multiple times in the MCU will become overused. This will make any given character’s demise meaningless. Hopefully, Disney will be able to strike a good balance between real deaths and surprise reappearances when they bring back the Eternals characters.