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Here’s Why Black Panther 2 Won’t Get A Director’s Cut

Wakanda Forever’s “extended cut” has been teased by supporting actress Aba Arthur. Here’s why the sequel likely won’t receive a Director’s cut

By Mabel Judith Andrady
December 1,2022

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was the longest Marvel film to be released in 2022, and a fresh hint suggests that an Extended Edition may be on the road.

In the past, only three Marvel Cinematic Universe films—Spider-Man: Far From Home, No Way Home, and Avengers: Endgame—have included extended cuts. At this point, after more than thirty films produced by Marvel Studios, it’s obvious that such an approach is unusual.

Almost every Marvel movie ever made might include fantastic, previously unseen material, making each one suitable for an Extended Edition. Now, a minor character in Wakanda Forever seems to have hinted at the likelihood of a Director’s cut of the Black Panther sequel.

Is The Director’s Cut of Black Panther Happening?

Aba Arthur, who is listed on IMDb as a “Naval Engineer” for her role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, has hinted at an upcoming Extended Edition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe film in a recent Instagram post.

Black Panther 2 behind the scenes

Marvel Studios

Curiously, Arthur wrote, “catch our stunt work when the expanded version of the film is released:” next to a photo of herself and other members of the cast and crew.

“Behind the scenes Pt. 3… Forever Wakandans… Shout out to the Jabari tribe and my incredible stunt double Phedra Syndelle!!! Catch our stunt work when the extended cut of the film is released”

Movie producer Nate Moore already dismissed the concept of an Extended Cut for the Black Panther 2 movie in an interview with Collider. In contrast, he said Marvel Studios has usually resisted that trend and that the studio likes to believe [it] and the filmmakers settled “on what the movie should be:”

“Yeah, we’ve typically resisted that, and I think we’ll continue to because we like to think we and the filmmakers landed on what the movie should be. So, I don’t know that we’ll ever assemble it – I’ll never say never. I don’t think we’ll assemble it into a longer Director’s Cut. But certainly, I think there’s ways to get those scenes out there in the world without building an extended edition.”

Wakanda Forever would join an exclusive club of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies if an Extended Edition were to be made. And yet, how likely is it that this will occur? To be honest, I doubt it.

At the outset, there is the producer Nate Moore’s contemptuous comments that imply he has no intention of releasing a lengthier version of the film. Second, it’s quite likely that the actor is attempting to speak the event into reality.

Due to the rarity of MCU Extended Editions, only very popular films like Endgame and “No Way Home” have been given the treatment. Wakanda Forever, though, doesn’t seem to be ascending to such dizzying heights any time soon.

But if they did release a lengthier version, they could do a lot of interesting things with it. For one, it may go further into Namor and his people than Marvel Studios has been able to due to rights concerns.

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