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Here’s Why Doctor Strange’s Astral Spell Is So Weak Against Spider-Man

By Mabel Judith Andrady
December 29,2021

Why did Doctor Strange’s astral spell seem so weak against Spider-Man in NWH? After previously teaming up with a more experienced MCU hero in his solo films, the latest Marvel Studios and Sony collaboration saw Peter Parker team up with the venerable Stephen Strange.

The two heroes couldn’t agree on how to approach their common problem. This resulted in a brief but highly imaginative fight.

Spider-Man: No Way Home continued Peter Parker’s journey after the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home left him dealing with the fallout of being revealed as Spider-Man. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mysterio was being framed for his own death, which made things even worse.

The young hero contacted Doctor Strange for help in his time of need. The MCU sorcerer’s tampered spell not only didn’t solve Peter’s problem but also exposed Earth to interdimensional villains, despite his best intentions.

Doctor Strange’s Astral Spell Was A Flop


Doc Ock, Green Goblin, and Electro were all baddies from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Marc Webb’s films that were threatening the Sacred Timeline. Doctor Strange’s primary goal was to send them back to their respective universes. Peter, on the other hand, was determined to find a different way to save them all before they returned home.

This was the starting point of their conflict, which ended in a quick fight. For some reason, despite Doctor Strange’s efforts to remove Peter’s astral form from his body, Spider-Man was still able to move in real-time. The Ancient One used the same incantation on the sorcerer in the first Doctor Strange film.

This caught the sorcerer off guard. Does this imply that Doctor Strange’s astral spell was much less potent than previously thought? Probably not. It’s not always the case. Peter’s Spider-Sense likely played a role in his ability to physically manipulate his body. This is despite the fact that his astral form were being separated from it.

Peter Parker’s Spidey-Sense Saved Him

Spidey Sense

Spidey Sense

What we’re referring to is Spider-Sense, the Spider Man’s unique sense of danger and instinctive response to it. Due to his enhanced reflexes, he is extremely quick to react in combat. His body knew that Doctor Strange should not have the mystical box that would’ve sent the villains back to their own world in NWH.

The young hero’s Spider-Sense knew that he had to keep the mystical object away from the sorcerer. This was also while his subconscious was being removed. Not for the first time, Peter’s Spider-Sense seemed to be capable of more than it usually could. This includes detecting danger. Because of his Spider-Sense, he was able to avoid being dusted the longest in Infinity War.

Spidey’s final moments in Spider-Man: No Way Home found him in the most vulnerable position yet. Without anyone remembering who he was, he lacked any kind of assistance. A more interesting future for him was opened up as a result of this, particularly in light of the rumors that Spider-Man 4 is currently being developed by Marvel Studios and Sony. It’s possible that fans will see more of him using his Spider-Sense when there’s no one else to rely on.

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