Here’s Why Loki’s Kang And TVA Didn’t Stop Ultron’s Multiverse Attack

One of the greatest episodes of What If…? so far was unquestionably episode 8. “What If…Ultron Wins?”  exhibited out the synthezoid’s raw power, never before witnessed by fans. He took down Thanos with ease, collected all six Infinity Stones, extinguished the universe, and discovered the Watcher, Uatu, and the multiverse. Uatu has gone to the fallen Doctor Strange for assistance in the face of Ultron’s murderous conquest throughout every conceivable reality, in defiance of his pledge to not meddle. Unprecedented devastation is building as Uatu will need more friends to defeat Ultron, who has now become all-seeing.

Some viewers, though, may wonder where Loki’s TVA and Kang fit into this scheme. Ultron managed to uncover other realities. He did so despite the fact that they were trying to stop a multiverse from forming in the first place. If the TVA trimmed alternative universes before they could form, how was Uatu capable to see them? Let’s take a closer look at these hypothetical scenarios seeing how What If…? meshes into the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline.

A Sacred Timeline And An Infinite Multiverse

Kang, Ultron And Mobius

To begin, let’s talk about the meta-discussion?  There just wasn’t enough contact between the What If…? and Loki teams outside of the MCU, in our reality, where all of the decisions are influenced, to create any kind of cross-references. Before Loki was even up and running, A.C. Bradley, claimed the team was already “in deep development and writing the show.”

Before Loki had a definite destination or purpose in mind, What If…? had already been written in stone. However, this does not rule out the possibility of an in-universe reason for the TVA’s absence from What If…? Remember, He Who Remains used the Sacred Timeline as if it were the only possible timeline. However, like so many other things associated with the TVA, this was also a fabrication. It turned out that the Sacred Timeline wasn’t the only timeline that existed.

Consequently, all divergent branches were cut off before they reached the “red line”. It signified the point beyond which a timeline could no longer be reset and yet interact with the remainder of the multiverse. There was always a parallel universe to the Sacred Timeline shown in Loki and upcoming projects like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Rather than preventing the formation of a multiverse, the TVA served to prevent a single thread from a bigger tapestry from joining it. However, why is this the case?

Kang Doesn’t Really Exist

Kang in Loki

He Who Remains created the Sacred Timeline in order to avert a multiverse conflict. While it is true, the TVA and the Sacred Timeline were created to guard against Kang’s reincarnation causing devastation on the world. Nathaniel Richards/Immortus/He Who Remains/Kang the Conqueror’s existence was almost likely isolated from the rest of the universe by the Sacred Timeline. That was the TVA’s first task: to keep the Kang-entity contained inside the Sacred Timeline’s boundaries at all costs.

That universe was, in essence, He Who Remains’ prison, and the TVA was his army of time-traveling guards who made sure he didn’t escape. It didn’t matter what happened in the universe as long as the Kang-entity stayed restricted to the Sacred Timeline. The only thing He Who Remains was afraid of was himself. Not Galactus or Thanos.  Simply put: the hypothesis is that the Kang showed in What If…? isn’t really there. First, the Sacred Timeline is only an isolated section of the multiverse that has been separated from the rest by TVA. Second, He Who Remains will not allow any Kang-entities to survive beyond the Sacred Timeline since there would be no purpose to their existence anyway.

Ultron, The Multiversal Elimination, and Kang

Ultron With infinity Stones

It’s not known if He Who Remains knew of Infinity Ultron’s campaign throughout the timeways if he was aware of what was happening in the rest of the universe. He wouldn’t give a damn if he was. Only Kang deserves his attention, and until Sylvie slashed his chest, he was the only one in the existence of any universe who was worth caring about. It’s impossible to predict how many Kangs will pop up throughout realities now that He Who Remains has died and the Sacred Timeline has begun to spiral out of control into the multiverse.

Even yet, he didn’t seem to be too disturbed by his apparent failure. His encounter with Sylvie and Loki had only two possible outcomes: either they took his position as Kang’s guards or the endless hatching of new Kangs would ultimately produce another He Who Remains, bringing order and establishing a new Sacred Timeline.  He Who Remains believes that time is cyclic and will continue to be so in the future. Even if he loses, he will always come out on top; all it takes is sweat, blood, and tears to get there. For all practical purposes, cutting down on timelines was preferable to waging multiversal battle with many other versions of himself, the one who considers himself the most clever, ruthless, and powerful person among all creation.

Here Comes The Conqueror

Kang is going to pose a lot of problems for the sorcerer supreme

The TVA is also limited to Kang’s Sacred Timeline enclave. As a result, they don’t meddle with Ultron or any one of the events from What If…?. They don’t have authority over anything beyond the red line, and that’s because they never meant to. That was the case in the past, at any rate. The Sacred Timeline has now been ripped apart. Because of Kang’s release, other realities will be battling it out for the ultimate prize: mastery of time and space. Despite the terrible devastation, Ultron has caused in What If…? thus far, what is ahead will be much worse. However, fans will have to wait a little longer to witness the Conqueror in action. No mention or reference will be made to him in Season 1.