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Here’s Why Moon Knight’s Eyes Glow White And How He Gets His Powers

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 19,2022

The mystery of why Moon Knight’s eyes glow white and what is the origin of his powers remains unknown in the first full trailer. The Disney+ show will be the first MCU release of 2022. Furthermore, it will also be the first TV series to introduce a Marvel hero into the MCU. Moon Knight appears to be Marvel’s darkest release to date. Oscar Isaac plays the namesake vigilante in a film that explores themes of psychological horror. All this, alongside brutal action like nothing previously seen in a Marvel Studios production.

The trailer does not focus on Marc Spector’s superhuman abilities when he dons the white cowl. Instead, the first Moon Knight teaser drew attention to his struggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s unclear if the show will go into detail about how Moon Knight acquired his powers. And clearly, the trailer makes no mention of it. The trailer, on the other hand, showed glimpses of Marc Spector’s superhuman abilities.

What Nationality is Moon Knight? Why Does Oscar Isaac Have That Accent?

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Among Marvel Comics characters, Moon Knight has one of the most tragic and unique backstories. This makes him an underground fan favorite. Moon Knight stands out from the rest of the MCU. This is so because of the fantastical nature of his origin and his unique powers. That Oscar Isaac’s character will share some of the same superpowers as his comic book counterpart is clear from the first trailer released by Marvel Studios.

As depicted in the source material, Marc Spector was raised in a rough part of Chicago by a rabbi before going on to serve in the United States Marine Corps. Due to his history of mental instability, Spector was dishonorably discharged from the military and went on to work as a mercenary. Spector used the skills he learned during his three years of service to carry out assassinations and rescue missions in Africa. In the middle of the Egyptian desert, on his final mission as a mercenary, he came face to face with the villain Bushman, who fatally wounded Spector. The Egyptian moon god Khonshu’s tomb was the final resting place for Marc Spector. He had made it there despite being critically injured. The moon god appeared to Spector’s spirit and offered to save Marc’s life in exchange for Spector’s eternal service.

“Lunakinesis” of Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight new costume

A speck of Khonshu’s divine power was infused into Marc Spector, giving him all of his supernatural prowess. Consequently, Moon Knight also got his glowing eyes as seen in the trailer. His 47-year run in Marvel comics saw him display a wide range of formidable powers. These include superhuman strength, speed, and durability. One of Moon Knight’s most notable abilities is his lunar strength. This ability boosts his power at night and during full moons. The divine ankhs used by Moon Knight to absorb the powers of other Marvel heroes, such as Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and Spider-Man, are also common occurrences.

Marc Spector, on the other hand, appears to be indestructible; The moon God Khonshu has resurrected Moon Knight on numerous occasions because of his vow of eternal service to him. It’s possible that the “lunakinesis” of Moon Knight, which allows him to control the moons and any objects made of them, including Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, won’t be featured in the Disney+ show to keep it grounded.

According to Marvel Studios’ portrayal of Moon Knight’s origins, the MCU version of the character will have similar abilities to his comic book counterpart. The trailer shows that Spector’s divine connection to the Egyptian god will remain part of the character. This will be the case even if powers like lunakinesis are absent from the MCU. If you want to know what kind of powers Marc Spector will have, fans will have to wait until the film Moon Knight premieres in March to find out.

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