Here's Why Netflix's Blonde Movie Is Rated NC-17
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Here’s Why Netflix’s Blonde Movie Is Rated NC-17

By Amandeep Gautam
February 17,2023

The upcoming Netflix movie, “Blonde,” which tells the story of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, has stirred up controversy and garnered an NC-17 rating. Starring Ana de Armas as Monroe, the film explores the darker moments of her life, and the reason behind the NC-17 rating is “some sexual content” that includes scenes of rape and sexual abuse. The three-hour epic, directed by Andrew Dominik, adapted Joyce Carol Oates’ novel of the same name, which took creative liberties with Monroe’s life.

The movie’s content was so graphic that Netflix had to delay its release, and even brought in a new editor to tone down the explicit scenes. Despite the controversy, Dominik was determined to tell a no-holds-barred story and credits the #MeToo movement for getting the film made. He states that “Blonde” will show “what it’s like to go through the Hollywood meat-grinder” and that “There’s something in it to offend everyone.” However, the NC-17 rating has also sparked a debate.

Dominik believes that the rating is excessive in relation to the content, claiming that an episode of HBO’s “Euphoria” is “far more graphic than anything going on in Blonde.” But the scenes in question did not titillate audiences; instead, they were horrifying, and the scenes of abuse and assault likely contributed to Monroe’s tragic end. While “Blonde” has received mixed reviews, Ana de Armas’ performance as Monroe has been widely praised, earning her a nomination for Best Actress at both the Oscars and Golden Globes. It is the actress’ determination to honor Monroe in a mostly fictional story that has helped the film receive its two most significant nominations from the two most publicized Hollywood awards ceremonies.

“Blonde” is set to make its debut on September 23, 2022, and audiences will ultimately decide if the NC-17 rating is warranted or not. Regardless of the outcome, “Blonde” remains a polarizing movie that boldly explores the darker side of one of Hollywood’s most iconic figures.