Here’s Why Oscar Isaac Found It So Hard To Film Moon Knight

The popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can certainly transition to serialized storytelling on Disney+, but Marvel Studios has also demonstrated that it has no intention of repeating its previous success. Each Disney+ series to date has had a unique idea, aesthetic, and tone while still contributing to the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe plot, and that tendency appears to be continuing with Moon Knight in a big way.

Now that filming for Moon Knight’s 2022 season has concluded up, Oscar Isaac is coming up about his experience as Marc Spector, a vigilante struggling with Dissociative Identity Disorder, in an action-adventure setting.

Oscar Isaac Expresses Gratitude For His Moon Knight Experience

Moon Knight

Even though it was “the biggest workload I’ve ever had,” Isaac revealed to Variety that he “couldn’t wait to get set and work.” “I’m going to bring these enormous ideas, and if you don’t like them, that’s fair,” he reportedly told Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige from the outset. Feige appeared to be on board with Isaac’s concept, especially as the actor served as one of the show’s executive producers in addition to playing the complicated role of Marc Spector, meaning his investment was doubled.

On the subject of Feige and Marvel’s reception, the Moon Knight actor went on to say, “We could immediately see everything. I discovered that there was a tonne of room for me to try new things that I’d been fascinated about and want to accomplish.” Even though “it was the biggest workload I’ve ever had,” Isaac claims to have had an excellent time throughout the filming in addition to the flexibility he relished.

“I could not wait to get to set, and it was the biggest workload I’ve ever had in my career and most challenging, because of the sheer amount of stuff we had to do in eight months, and even yet, I couldn’t wait to get to set and work with Ethan Hawke and May Calamway…”

What’s Next For The Actor?

Moon Knight Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac appeared uninterested in reprising his role as Luke Skywalker after the film’s lukewarm reception. “If I need another house or whatever,” the Poe Dameron actor said, he’d only do it if it meant working with individuals who inspired him. And based on his comments on Moon Knight recently, it appears that he found just that at Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios has produced a slew of distinctive and original shows and features this year while furthering its reputation for working with Indie directors and unknown artists, according to Dune director Denis Villeneuve.

It’s a fact that the studio has managed to strike a healthy balance between adhering to canon while also taking calculated risks and being creative, as evidenced by Isaac’s comments about having “so much room to do things I’ve never done before.” When it comes to high-caliber actors and Indie creatives, Marvel Studios may soon become the new go-to studio, especially since Marvel gives actors more of a voice by allowing them to serve as executive producers, such as Scarlett Johansson did for Black Widow and Tom Hiddleston did for Loki. With the extra responsibility of producing, Isaac gained more authority and influence over the show’s direction, both on-screen and behind the scenes. As long as this precedent is set, other actors of his caliber will be interested.