Here’s Why Spider-Man: NWH Screenings Won’t Show The Whole Movie

Since Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: No Way Home, the most eagerly anticipated MCU film, will be released on December 17. It is now that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are finalizing their plans. Having just a few weeks to go before the film’s full release, Marvel and Sony are stepping up their promotional efforts. This is being done to keep the hype train going strong.

No Way Home fans are trying to figure out how the threequel will progress on the big screen after seeing two full trailers and numerous TV spots that feature never-before-seen footage. Nearly 2 1/2 hours of running time that will open the MCU’s Multiverse wide open has as many questions as it does answers.

While some fans are eagerly awaiting the first press Spider-Man: NWH screenings, others anxiously dread seeing what Marvel and Sony have put together in NWH for themselves. For those concerned about major spoilers leaking, a new report suggests that the studios are playing it safe this time around.

Spider-Man: NWH Screenings Will Keep Its Spoilers Under Wraps

As noted by @bigscreenleaks, Spider-Man: No Way Home’s first press screening on December 3 will not show the entire film to prevent spoilers from leaking before its December 17 debut:

“The press won’t be seeing all of Spider-Man: No Way Home tomorrow. The full movie won’t be screened for the first time until the premiere.

Jeff Lowe supported Sony and Marvel’s decision to hide most of the movie. At Marvel Studios’ Eternals premiere, the first post-credits scene was notoriously spoiled on the internet:

A follow-up tweet from @bigscreenleaks admitted that he had no idea how much of Spider-Man: No Way Home would be shown at the press screenings. For the sake of keeping “certain spoilers” out of the film’s world premiere, the page stated that “around 40 minutes” of the movie would be shown.

To clear up some confusion, I stand by the fact that the full movie won’t be shown. I don’t know EXACTLY how much will be shown but I’ve heard around 40 minutes. This is being done to prevent *certain* spoilers from leaking out.

No Way Home has already established itself as the most leaked movie in history. This is so, with rumours and reports detailing casting and plot points going back over a year. Marvel and Sony appear more worried regarding spoilers than they’ve had almost any other movie release this time around.

The Spoilers Effect

Tom Holland’s unmasked Spider-Man

As expected, Tom Holland’s third solo film will feature some of the most shocking moments in the history of the MCU. As a result, the team also considers Marvel Studios’ recent screening history. One of which ended disastrously.

Harry Styles was spoiled in a big way at the October 18 world premiere of Eternals in Los Angeles, three weeks before the film’s worldwide release. Even if you factor in the impact of Starfox on the MCU’s future, his inclusion could be almost insignificant in comparison to what No Way Home is attempting to achieve with the Multiverse.

The Spider-Man threequel will be shown for only 40 minutes. Because of this, only a quarter of what Marvel and Sony put into this expansive plotline will be seen. As a result, fans and critics alike will be left with many questions even after witnessing some exhilarating official action.