Here’s Why The MCU Will Never Adapt Hulk’s Children From The Comics

The Incredible Hulk has been mistreated in the MCU despite his legendary strength and endurance in comic books. With only one solo feature under his belt, it’s no wonder that no sequel was made for him. To make matters worse, the Hulk has countless children, all of whom will likely never be shown on screen due to the MCU’s numerous alterations.

Bruce Banner does not mention his family in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; in fact, he spends most of his first film seeking to live as far away from human relationships as possible in order to avoid having to talk about them. She-Hulk, a new Disney+ series set to debut in 2022, will reveal that Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner’s cousin! In the comics, the character obtained her powers through a blood transfusion from Banner after almost succumbing to a gunshot wound. Meanwhile, in the comics, the Hulk did have two sons: Skaar and Hiro-Kala.

Who are Hulk’s Children?

A battle that nearly destroys Las Vegas leads the Illuminati (Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Reed Richards) to determine that the Hulk should be sent to space in the comic Planet Hulk, written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Carlo Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti. Also, the Hulk was excluded from the Civil War because of this. Skarr and Hiro-Kala, the Hulk’s children, were born after his ship veered off course and crashed on the war-torn planet Sakaar. Skarr would battle in a gladiatorial arena before leading a revolt that would eventually lead to his father’s overthrow (still quite strong, but with a more humanoid appearance).

However, Hulk’s two sons would be safe on Sakaar while he returned to Earth. As a result of Carina’s “Old Power,” both boys have the ability to transport entire planets through space. Unfortunately, Thor: Ragnarok has adapted Planet Hulk for the MCU. However, in the process, several key components from the original plot were omitted. The Hulk did not become the Green Scar, an enormously strong version of the Hulk who could talk properly, as Sakaar had hoped. The plot was rewritten to remove Carina and focus solely on Thor, instead of Banner.

Outside of Planet Hulk, the Hulk had other children. They include his daughter Lyra (the future Hulk’s kid, made by Thundra using Banner’s DNA), and others in the Old Man Logan continuity. It’s quite doubtful that Planet Hulk will be adapted again as a result of the changes made to the Marvel Universe by the directors. At the very least, the comics can convey the narrative of the Hulk’s forgotten children without having to rely on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.