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Here’s Why The Scarlet Witch May Have Had A Major Villain Involved

By Abraham George
May 28,2022

In Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, the Scarlet Witch pursued a dark path, although her plans may have validated a popular Doctor Strange 2 villain hypothesis. WandaVision showed viewers the apex of Wanda’s depression as she mourned the death of her family. WandaVision’s post-credit scene featured the Scarlet Witch reading the Darkhold and hearing her children’s screams for aid from all around the multiverse. Wanda soon discovered America Chavez‘s skills, which included the ability to explore the multiverse at will. Wanda dispatched monsters to kidnap the adolescent in the hopes of taking her abilities. The Scarlet Witch would find her children in another dimension with America Chavez’s powers, and everything would be fine again, from Wanda’s perspective.

Sorcerer Supreme Wong cited the ancient being Chthon as the book’s creator while detailing the Darkhold’s history. That demonic creature was also in charge of the Wundagore Mountain temple’s construction. Audiences have believed that a darker force is at work, and that no one is more sinister than Chthon. Chthon’s involvement further supported the assumption that evil was always operating in the background now that his existence had been verified.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Chthon was a billion-year-old god who ruled the universe. He was the first Dark Art mage to master the art. He was also a wellspring of Chaos magic from which others, such as the Scarlet Witch, may have drawn their strength. Chthon escaped to another reality when another entity named Atum began murdering other senior gods. He did, however, write down all of his Dark Magic spell knowledge on parchments. As shown in Doctor Strange 2, those pages eventually coalesced into the Darkhold. The Darkhold would act as a portal for the evil demon to return to Earth’s dimension.

Throughout millennia, Chthon corrupted the souls of mortals who read the Darkhold. Readers thought their wishes were being granted, but it was actually Chthon who was influencing them. The demon would try to achieve his primary goal of escaping his dimension and returning to Earth. The Scarlet Witch was one of the key tools for this villain to attain his goal. He bonded with Wanda as a newborn, and he has even more nefarious plans for her.

Scarlet Witch and Chthon’s relationship in the comics can be translated to the MCU. In the comics, Chthon attempted to make Scarlet Witch his avatar. When beings from other dimensions or worlds are channelled through an avatar, the MCU stated in Moon Knight that they can develop more power. As a result, it’s reasonable to assume that Chthon has similar plans for Wanda. Doctor Strange 2 may have hinted at Chthon’s plan to manipulate Wanda through her plans.


Wong and Doctor Strange both found holes in Scarlet Witch‘s plot by suggesting she think about Wandas in alternate realities. This was an excellent question, since it demonstrated how the Scarlet Witch would just add to Wanda’s misery by kidnapping her children from another world. Wanda was deluded by the mistaken assumption that her actions were solely motivated by a mother’s love for her children. The truth behind her cause, on the other hand, proved to be her undoing when she discovered she would be the cause of another Wanda’s suffering. The revelation only served to highlight Darkhold’s corruption.

Wanda’s efforts to reclaim her children were never coherent – possibly because they were never her plans in the first place. It’s more likely that Chthon set his scheme in motion through Wanda after she began reading Darkhold. Wanda’s wish to reconcile with her children was most likely twisted by Chthon, like other readers of the wicked book. Wanda received the spell for Dream Walking as part of Darkhold’s knowledge. The user would be able to possess their other universe equivalents with this spell.

Wanda would be in a fantastic position to hunt down America Chavez once she had mastered Dream Walking. Because she doesn’t sleep and has never met her multiverse counterparts in over 70 realms, Doctor Strange 2 showed that Chavez could truly be a one-of-a-kind entity in the multiverse. Remember that Wanda was attempting to usurp America’s power. That aim appears to be more beneficial to Chthon, especially because he is determined to find a way out of his dimension. As a result, Chthon’s master plot to seize America’s power might have easily exploited Wanda’s love for her children. Chthon might use the Scarlet Witch as his avatar and use the new multiversal ability to return to Earth’s dimension once it was achieved.

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