Here’s Why Tom Hiddleston Won’t Be Loki Forever

Tom Hiddleston won’t be Loki forever, and we’re not sure how we feel about this. This actor has gone a long way when it comes

By Mabel Judith Andrady
December 9,2021
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Tom Hiddleston won’t be Loki forever, and we’re not sure how we feel about this. This actor has gone a long way when it comes to playing the God of Mischief. In 2011, Hiddleston made his acting debut opposite Chris Hemsworth in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. Although Loki was killed in Infinity War, he’s back in the series. And by the looks of it, he’ll be around for the foreseeable future.

The People Have Spoken

Thanos turned up in Avengers: Infinity War just as Thor and Loki reunited after years of conflict. Not to forget to mention that he ended up slaying the God of Mischief. Even if he was not revived in the Sacred Timeline, Marvel Studios’ Disney+ series Loki features a new variation of the character as its protagonist. Season 2 of Loki’s solo outing is planned to begin following his first confrontation with the TVA and He Who Remains. However, fans should not expect that Hiddleston will continue to be the sole actor portraying Loki in the MCU in the future.

It was a “pleasure and an honor” to be a “temporary torch bearer” for the role. The actor stated this during his People’s Choice Awards acceptance speech after winning The Male TV Star of 2021. Hiddleston didn’t go into detail about what he meant by this. However, his words serve to remind fans that a new actor will take on the role of Loki in the future. Marvel Studios had already introduced several Loki variations by this point. However, Hiddleston’s version remains the primary one in the franchise. The whole speech by Tom Hiddleston, who won the award, may be seen here.

Loki Season 2 Details


So far, there has been no season 2 for any of the Marvel Studios/Disney+ live-action programs. Prior to Disney+ Day, it was evident that Loki’s narrative had only begun after the cliffhanger in Loki season 1. No details have been released regarding Loki season 2. However, it’s safe to assume that it will focus on Loki adjusting to his new surroundings after being transported to an alternate version of the TVA, one in which Kang leads openly. The God of Mischief expects a return to Sylvie’s side in the upcoming tale.

It’s possible that Hiddleston hinted at the possibility that a different actor will take on the role of Loki in future MCU installments. This is even though he didn’t state as much explicitly. Even though Hiddleston’s interpretation of Loki has made the character even more recognizable, he can’t play the character indefinitely. Loki already has a few different incarnations in the franchise. And one of them may end up being the primary Loki in the universe. Loki season 2 viewers should keep a tight eye out for any appearances by Hiddleston’s successor. At the end of it, Tom Hiddleston’s decision not to be Loki seems fair.