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Here’s Why Vision Was Deemed Worthy To Lift Mjolnir

By Abraham George
May 28,2022

WandaVision finally showed why Vision was deserving of raising Thor’s hammer after six years. The first instance of Vision’s worthiness was in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was released in 2015. As the Avengers squabbled, Vision swooped in and casually picked up Mjolnir and handed it over to Thor. Vision, as a baby synthezoid, had no idea what the deed meant, but the other Avengers did, and Vision picking up the hammer was all the proof they needed to believe in him.

Mjolnir has a long and storied history in both comic books and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while its history is extensive, most people are familiar with the concept that only the “worthy” can lift it. “Whoever clutches this hammer, if he worthy, shall possess the power of Thor,” the inscription reads. Thor’s hammer has been lifted by numerous characters in the comics over the years, prompting some to wonder how the hammer decides its worth. Some assume that it is Odin’s personal decision, while others have an intriguing hypothesis that the wielders decide whether or not they are worthy. However, it may usually be possessed at a moment when the character is at their most heroic, sturdy, and unselfish in both the comics and the MCU.

Why Vision Deserved To Lift the Mjolnir



Vision’s deeds in WandaVision episode 6, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” pay off Mjolnir’s faith in Vision all those years ago in a moment that pays off Mjolnir’s faith in Vision all those years ago. Vision discovers Scarlet Witch’s magical hex barrier surrounding Westview and drives himself to break through it, despite the fact that his health begins to degrade once he is outside the protective bubble. Despite his breakdown, he continues to beg SWORD agents to save the inhabitants of Westview. His thoughts aren’t of himself as he dies, but of the people he’s trying to save.

However, Vision’s acts throughout the MCU have demonstrated that he is deserving of raising Thor’s hammer at any time, and not just in that moment. He has demonstrated a willingness to make self-sacrifice on numerous occasions. He flew back into a collapsing Sokovia to save Wanda in Age of Ultron, and he also served as a foil for Ultron in a later scenario. Ultron could only perceive humanity’s imperfections, whereas Vision saw the best in humanity and showed grace to them.  And he was willing to die in WandaVision to save the people of Westview, and it’s apparent that he’ll gladly give up his borrowed life once more if it means the town’s innocent population will be set free.

Vision’s character has always had a nobility theme running through it. Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff may have given their lives to destroy Thanos, and Steve Rogers may be the most inspirational leader on the planet. but Vision has always served as the team’s moral compass. There isn’t a single point in the MCU where he hasn’t taken the selfless decision. It goes beyond Vision’s synthezoid computer brain’s cold calculations. In many respects, his judgments have been the most human of all the Avengers, as the scenario in WandaVision vividly illustrates. Vision, like that of a select few others, has always been priceless, and Mjolnir saw it in him all those years ago.

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