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Hilary Duff Poses Nude For Women’s Health And Displays Her Tattoo Collection

By Celeb Staff
May 21,2022

Hilary Duff is no stranger to flaunting her killer curves when it comes to making a social media appearance. And when the star got the chance to be featured on the cover of Women’s Health for the outlet’s May/June edition, she left no stone unturned. Duff was an absolute sensation for the cover shoot. And that too, only a year after she gave birth to her third kid.

Hilary Duff posed naked for the cover of Women’s Health. And needless to say, the shots were utterly captivating. 

Hilary Duff posed nude as she put her phenomenal curves in a bold display. She stood with her side to the camera, flaunting her gorgeous assets and slender waist. 

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff bared all while gracing the cover of Women’s Health for the outlet’s May/June issue

The former Disney Channel star showcased yet another captivating look. For this, she laid down in her bathtub while rocking a pair of white sunglasses wearing absolutely nothing. 

The stunning shots of Hillary Duff were captured by photographer Daniella Midenge. In the pictures, Hillary Duff radiates confidence and elegance as she portrayed the image of an empowered woman while showcasing her killer body in all its beauty.

The 34 year-old was bold and confident as she radiated a somber blissfulness. ‘A makeup artist was there applying shine all over my body,’ she said, adding that she was standing in the most attractive position.’

‘I’m proud of my body. I’m proud that it’s produced three children for me,’ she said while talking about her daring choice to pose naked in public.

Duff Flaunts Her Expansive Tattoo Collection 

Before her appearance for the Women’s Health shoot, the mom-of-three started indulging in workouts four days a week in her garage with Dominic Leeder. The strenuous routine included cardio blasts, jumping lunges and jumping lunges.

Several attractions of Hilary Duff’s gorgeous ink collection were revealed in the shot. This included her tattoo of the French phrase ‘Ma Petite Amie’ on the right side of her rib cage. The phrase translates to ‘my girlfriend’. Also, the smiley face above her elbow was also visible.

The What Dreams Are Made Of hitmaker Hillary Duff also has roses on the inside of right bicep next to a crescent moon. She has a star and a triangle cut by a pointed down arrow. Also, Hilary Duff has ‘Let It Be’ inked on her right foot and ghost tattoo with the words ‘ride or die’ on the bottom. This one, she got with best friend Alanna Masterson.

Hilary Duff

‘I’m proud of my body. I’m proud that it’s produced three children for me,’ she told the magazine

Hilary Duff

Still, as an actress, Duff says the pressures to be ‘skinny’ can be hard to navigate especially because of her history

Hilary Duff

As she proudly showed off her gym-honed physique, the 34-year-old star pointed out that she’s standing ‘in the most flattering position’

Hilary Duff

Ahead of her Women’s Health shoot, the mom-of-three began worked out four days a week in her garage with Dominic Leeder

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