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Holly Ramsay Reveals Her Sizzling Figure In A Topless Photo

By Celeb Staff
March 10,2022

As a tradition to follow International Women’s Day, Holly Ramsay displayed her attractive physique in a topless picture on Instagram.

The daughter of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay commemorated the day by posting a bunch of pictures featuring all the ‘hard working & inspirational’ women in her life.

The 22-year-old influencer held her bikini top in one hand and covered her assets with the other as she relaxed on the pool, overlooking the sea.

The model also shared a fun selfie on the beach with her two sisters Megan, 23, and Tilly, 20. 

Holly and Megan smiled wide and Tilly stuck her tongue out. The three sisters looked lovely with their arms wrapped around each other.

In another photo, Holly laughed at Tilly in a heartfelt manner as she sung a song on the countertop with a microphone.  

Holly also posted a picture with her mother Tana, with the caption: ‘Happy International Women’s Day

‘I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such hard working & inspirational women #internationalwomensday’

Holly recently admitted she feels ‘lonely’ in sobriety after recently celebrating a year without alcohol. 

Back in December, the influencer shared her personal milestone of being sober for so long. She said that the journey was difficult, but it was necessary for her mental well-being. 

Holly Ramsay On Quitting Alcohol

Through her Instagram Stories, Holly told her army of 287k followers that it is not easy to give up drinking at this age. Especially when all her peers are doing it. 

The star was asked ‘how important is it to cut out alcohol when you struggle daily with mental health?’. To which she said:

‘This isn’t a “one size fits all” answer. For me, cutting out alcohol has made me so much more present, I’m able to have more fun & I’m in control. Alcohol + antidepressants don’t mix well. I made the decision to put my physical and mental health first.’ 

She continued:

‘It can be lonely not drinking especially at this age as it’s such a big part of our social lives.. but you will find the right people who don’t even care that you’re not drinking and are just happy you’re with them.’

In another update to her supportive followers, she talked about how her year has been so far. Holly admitted: ‘I’d say I’m in the best place mentally & feeling more myself than I have done in years.’

‘This has taken A LOT of work and it doesn’t come easy so go easy on yourself. Sending love to anyone who needs it.’  

Ramsay’s daughter’s confession follows a year of sobriety, and it was received with strength and appreciated. 

Holly talks openly about her addiction to alcohol. And also about her decision to go tee-total after reaching her ‘lowest point’ in 2020.

In May, Holly also revealed that she spent three months in a mental health hospital after being sexually assaulted twice when she was 18 years old. She was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression.  

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