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Hooters Under Fire Over New ‘Crotch String’ Shorts For Their Staff

By Alankar Nayak
October 29,2021

The cheeks of the Hooters girls are flushed in rage over their new, revealing uniform shorts. Hooters waitress Kristen Songer, 22, screamed, “Oh look, a wedgie!” in a viral TikTok video in which she models the chicken joint’s new skintight, bikini-cut black bottoms.

According to a policy notice obtained exclusively by The Washington Post, “starting Oct. 4, all Hooters girls should wear the new shorts when working once they arrive to stores.” “Do not wear the old shorts.”

For those waitresses and bartenders who are “uncomfortable” with the mandated new trunk sizes, Hooters has issued a warning that they are free to resign in writing.

Hooter's girls getting booty shorts and they're going TikTok viral

The new uniforms, which were introduced this month, have prompted fury among Hooters Girls, several of whom quickly took to TikTok to express their horror over the new ensembles while showing off the ‘revealing’ hot pants to their followers.

Songer, a medical student at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, said in a video that “these shorts no longer cover anything.” She wore grey leggings under the shorts to keep her nearly 140,000 TikTok fans from seeing too much of her midriff. It’s not what I agreed to wear a year ago when I was hired, which is why all the Hooters girls are upset.

Songer, a TikTok star is known as @TheFlatHootersGirl, achieved viral fame in June after uploading a how-to video. She demonstrated how to create the illusion of cleavage while wearing her Hooters uniform by wearing an Amazon push-up bra and contouring her A-cup chest with contouring cosmetics.

Gracie Herrick, a Hooters employee, showed off her new shorts on TikTok. TikTok

Gracie Herrick, a Hooters employee, showed off her new shorts on TikTok.

But now that the almost four-decade-old comfort food chain has shifted to a more derrière-centric dress code, Songer and her coworkers across the country are blasting the restaurant for rolling out the highly risqué rump wear.

Alabama waitresses Eastern Brewer, and Katherine Nicole joked on TikTok that their “When Hooters gets even shorter shorts” video was “rated porn.” And Giselle Nguyen, a 20-year-old Texas employee, held up her barely-there bottoms while staring into the camera in disbelief. In her video, she lamented the fact that the shorts weren’t her new uniforms. Where on earth am I supposed to put that?!

I have no idea where that’s supposed to go. studentsectionsauce – a hashtag for students in the student section of a high school, university, or other institution of higher learning

In the words of KeyKey Palmer – ConTejas:
However, after the memo was made public, the female employees’ protests against the company’s new hot pants went unheeded.

There were three different colors of bitty briefs given to each employee: waitresses received two pairs of orange and one black, while bartenders received two pairs of black and orange.

Hooter's girls getting booty shorts and they're going TikTok viral

Workers at Hooters have taken to social media to express their displeasure with the restaurant’s new, revealing uniform shorts.

Hooters girls appreciated the extra coverage their backsides received from the crotch-length shorts of the past. Some disgruntled employees have referred to a “crotch string,” which resembles a thong-cut panty, as the only option available on the new editions covering most girls’ upper buttocks.

Hooters stated that if employees don’t like the new uniform policy, they are free to leave.

The goal is to get all of our current Hooters Girls excited about the new direction we’re taking. Understandably, you may find this change to be unpalatable,” the memo states.

When she’s not working, TikToker Lexius sports the barely-there bottoms for a shoot.
While working, TikToker Lexius shows off her barely-there bottoms.

If you are still uncomfortable wearing the new shorts after two weeks, the company will let you go and find another job, or you can resign from your position as a Hooters Girl. Resignation makes you eligible for rehire if you choose to do so.

Attempts to reach Hooters for comment were met with an unanswered message. Despite the widespread disapproval of the uniform’s new look due to its revealing shorts, a few of the poultry bar’s beauties like it.

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