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Hot Niece Of Steve Irwin Rebecca Lobie And Hayley Vernon Put On A Wild Show

By Alankar Nayak
February 15,2022

Hayley Vernon, 34, the former Married At First Sight star who now serves as an OnlyFans model, crossed paths.

On Saturday, the two bombshells spent the day together at the Candyshop house in Queensland for a party hosted by tobacco tycoon Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon. Hayley and Rebecca were joined by a slew of bikini-clad models who were also having a good time at the Helensvale, Queensland-based party house. Hayley, a former reality TV star, wore a tiny triangle bikini with matching G-string bottoms.

Irwin Rebecca Lobie And Hayley Vernon

Meanwhile, busty mother-of-two Rebecca, the daughter of Steve Irwin’s sister Joy and her husband Frank Muscillo, wore a racy white one-piece with translucent side panels.

Irwin Rebecca Lobie And Hayley Vernon

The twosome sipped drinks and danced on the patio in between dives in the magnificent pool. The brunette and blonde couple posed for selfies with multimillionaire Travers at one point. They can be seen appreciating the 49-year-physique old’s in another snap.

Irwin Rebecca Lobie And Hayley Vernon

Other attractive models were present, with many flocking to the billionaire tobacco tycoon’s side to flaunt their bountiful assets for the photo opportunity.

Irwin Rebecca Lobie And Hayley Vernon

There appears to have been a theme, as all attendees dressed red, black, or white. Rebecca, who is known for her racy glamour shots, rose to prominence as an adult model in July of last year when she created her own subscription-only content service.

Source: Daily mail

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