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House of Dragon Episode 4 Sees Rhaenyra Rejecting Every Single One of Her Suitors

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 12,2022

House of the Dragon’s latest episode, “King of the Narrow Sea,” explores how shifting public opinion and political events threatened to upend the destiny of the Targaryen Dynasty. The King had set up meetings with prospective husbands for his daughter, and he was confident in their compatibility. Although she understood that Viserys would disapprove of her choice, Princess Rhaenyra dismissed everyone.

Her motivations were clear, just like Queen Nymeria, she wanted to be free and able to make her own choices in life, especially when it comes to choosing her husband.

Princess Rhaenyra

Princess Rhaenyra Riding Her Dragon

Rhaenyra Is Scared To Suffer The Same Fate

We see Rhaenyra running her fingers through the Valyrian steel necklace that her uncle Daemon gave her during the pilot episode, she does this as the long line of suiters are standing in front of her. And we soon get the idea that her Father’s orders clash with her heart’s intention.

Rhaenyra doesn’t wanna get married and share the same fate as she knows that Westeros don’t care about a woman and they’re just an instrument to produce heirs.  Rhaenyra is terrified of her fate especially after she saw what fate befell her mother. She knows that her father agreed to carve out his late brother from his mother’s belly, and she is terrified that she’ll share the same fate.

King Viserys and Queen Aemma

King Viserys and Queen Aemma in House of the Dragon

I wouldn’t blame Her!!

Rhaenyra’s Boredom With Her Potential Marriage Suitors!

As the show progresses we see Boreman Baratheon who had been awarded his seat on the small council accompanying Rhaenyra as she chooses her future husband. Boratherons and the Targaryens share a close relationship in this timeline as Boreman also happens to be the cousin to the “Queen Who Never Was.”

Judging by the castle’s worn-out state and the sound of the storm outside, we realized that the event is taking place at Storm’s End. We see the members of both House Hightower, and House Tully standing in the line with potential prospects.

Boreman Baratheon, Princess Rhaenyra, and Cristen Cole

Boreman Baratheon, Princess Rhaenyra, and Cristen Cole in Storm’s End

First of the Viserys’ choice were Lord Dandarrion, who is an old lord who was taking a drink break!! We also find out that there is a connection between Cristen Cole and the old Dandarrion as Cole’s father used to work as a steward for the Dandarrion Household. Dandarrion also mentions a visit from Queen Alisene who was the wife of Late King Jiharis the first. Alisene was Rhaenyra’s great-grandmother so Lord Dandarrion is way too old to be his man.

You thought an old lord asking for the Princess’s hand was extreme, wait till you see this. We also see a kid who hails from House Blackwood and mentions that his house played an important role which propelled Aegon to conquer the seven kingdoms. House Blackwood played an important role in Aegon’s conquest, especially in the destruction of Harren Hall. While this is happening, the kid is interrupted by a Baratheon suitor claiming his house played a much larger role in the win.

 Princess Rhaenyra, and Cristen Cole

Princess Rhaenyra, and Cristen Cole

Rhaenyra finally had enough of this Drama and left for King’s Landing and we see the kid slashing the guts of the Baratheon suiter! Rhaenyra dismissed every candidate and left with Criston Cole.