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House of the Dragon: 8 Important Facts About Show’s Protagonist Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 29,2022

House of the Dragon, appears to be returning fans to the grim and dangerous land of Westeros as the household battle to be the protector of the Seven Kingdoms. King Viserys’s only surviving kin and presumed successor, Rhaenyra Targaryen, would serve a crucial role in the story. Rhaenyra, a mysterious and intriguing woman, is certain to become a fan favorite in the saga.

Rhaenyra Targaryen

Rhaenyra Targaryen In House of The Dragon

So, with that being said, here are a few facts you didn’t know about Princess Rhaenyra.

1. Wasn’t the Only Child

Countless people have died in the aftermath and repercussions of everyone trying to be king in GOT, and it’s only natural that the same would be true in House of the Dragon along with the Fire and Blood, the source material for the show. Even though Rhaenyra’s mother gave birth to not one but rather two boys for her spouse and the keeper of the Iron Throne King Viserys, both of them tragically passed away as children.

Not only was this heartbreaking and painful for both parents, but, it also had long-term consequences for the kingdom entirely, as it paved the way for the struggle involving Rhaenyra as well as her half-brother Aegon.

2. Half- Targaryen

Rhaenyra Targaryen with her mothe Quen Aemma

Rhaenyra Targaryen with her mothe Quen Aemma

Contrary to the common Targaryen custom of keeping within the race to maintain the integrity of the household, Rhaenyra’s father wed regardless of this common custom.  This means that Rhaenyra is related to two of the most prominent families in the House of the Dragon as well as the world of Game of Thrones. The Valean royal family, the Arryns, are Rhaenyra’s maternal ancestors, while her father is a member of the Targaryen dynasty. Due to her genetic makeup, Rhaenyra is only half Targaryen.

3. Fell In Love With Her Uncle

Prince Daemon

Prince Daemon

Despite the fact that there are numerous powerful Targaryens in Westeros, few can compare to Daemon. Immediately on, it was evident that Daemon as well as his niece, Rhaenyra, shared an extraordinary rapport, setting the stage for what is likely to become one of Matt Smith’s titular protagonists. Historians generally agree that he was the one to steal her virginity. In reality, Rhaenyra’s marriage to her uncle and subsequent childbearing would make them one of the most meaningful relationships in all seven kingdoms.

4. No Woman Is Fit For the Iron Throne

The Iron Throne

The Iron Throne

The Iron Throne has a personality all its own in both House of the Dragon as well as A Game of Thrones. Many people’s destinies are decided by their height, and its ascent can also be used as a predictor of success or failure for the climbers.

Despite widespread praise for her ability, Rhaenyra’s attempts to sit on the Iron Throne were met with a barrage of scars and wounds. Some people thought the Princess’ wounds were a warning sign from on high, but most people saw them as evidence of her incapacity. This is only the latest in a long line of struggles she’s had to endure because of the ascension.

5. Rumors of Her Children Being Bastard

Rhaenyra and Daemon

Rhaenyra and Daemon

Although they had children together, Rhaenyra’s maiden relationship wasn’t a joyful one because her spouse clearly enjoyed the companionship of men more. Thus, speculation arose that the young brothers she brought him were actually the result of an association with Ser Harwin Strong. As a matter of fact, it was this conviction that would lead her half-brothers to mock her children by suggesting that they could be bastards. As is typical in Westeros, this resulted in many deaths and damage.

6. Her Reign Was Short-Lived

Although the silver-haired Targaryen had the potential to be a magnificent leader, it became immediately apparent that she bore a few of the less admirable qualities of her family’s past rulers. In particular, she seemed unconcerned with how regular people saw her reign. In the end, she succeeded in taking King’s Landing, but she didn’t have much success in keeping it. Like the historical Queen Matilda, she was modeled on, the former was finally driven from her own kingdom because of her arrogance and intransigence.

7. Luck Never Favored Her

The Iron Throne is hands down the most I’m pivotal, and most desired thing in Westeros!! Leave Westeros, it’s the most sought-after thing in the Seven Kingdoms. Those who have heard about it say that it appears to either welcome or refuse those who perch atop its painful blades. Rhaenyra suffered numerous wounds and scratches whenever she attempted to sit on it. Even as she persisted, it was obvious to anybody watching that the Iron Throne did not accept the Targaryen as its ruler.

8. She Wed Twice

It’s exactly unexpected that Rhaenyra, as a princess, might wed, not merely in order to help secure her father’s position but also to help build her own authority and influence. To begin with, she wed a member of House Velaryon, among the most powerful aristocratic households in Westeros as well as the navy’s commanders. For another, she tied the knot with her own uncle Daemon, with whom she’d been hopelessly in love ever since she was a little girl. Like many other people, Rhaenyra was adamant about getting her way.