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House of the Dragon Ep-3: Daemon Proved He Doesn’t Need King’s Aid

By Sumit Sahu
September 5,2022

Daemon Targaryen, brother of King Viserys is one of the most liked characters of House of the Dragon. Daemon and Lord Corlys headed to Step-stones for killing crab feeders and putting an end to their ruthlessness for Targaryen fleets.

Daemon’s Blind Approach And King’s Aid


Daemon Gold Cloaks

Daemon tasted the defeat from all ends when he blindly attacked the crab feeders with his dragon. He soon realised that they need a strategy to defeat this army of savagers.

House Velaryon was seeking aid from the throne and sent a letter to King Viserys. Daemon was unaware of it. When King agreed to send aid to Daemon, he rattled out and attacked the messenger.

Daemon’s Violent Approach To The Battle



King’s emotions in the letter were generous towards Daemon. But, Daemon was looking weaker here, which offended him to go alone to the crab feeders’ arena.

He fought alone to draw enemies out of their caves. He took arrows on his body and still continued to chop the heads of enemies. Finally, his dragon made an entrance and burnt every last of the crab feeders, alive!

The war was won by the alliance of Daemon and Lord Corlys. He proved that he doesn’t need the throne’s aid to be victorious. He can rightfully do it all by himself.

Why Was Daemon Furious About King’s Aid?

King Viserys

King Viserys

Daemon is now the hero to all seven kingdoms. Lord Corlys asked his favour to join this fight with a hope that people will get to know the true might of Daemon and believe in him, if some of them are still in doubts.

So, if he would have taken aid from his brother, his humiliation would have just blown him to death. And, with his ambition to claim the Iron Throne, this humiliation would have just torn his chances apart to rule the Seven Kingdoms.