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House of the Dragon Ep-3: Sighting Of White Hart By Rhaenyra Signifies Something Meaningful

By Sumit Sahu
September 5,2022

If you have watched the 3rd episode of House of the Dragon, you are aware of the all White Hart fuss this episode has elaborated on. If you haven’t watched it yet, then SPOILER ALERT!!!

A huntsman among all the others said that a White Hart was the symbol of royalty long before dragons were introduced to the realm. Following that, when Otto Hightower breaks the news to King Viserys about sighting a White Hart or Stag, he said they are called the King of the King’s Wood, and will be a great potent for Aegon’s second name day.

It was clear that  Otto wanted this symbol of royalty to be hunted for the name of Aegon II Targaryen, to celebrate his royalty and certainty of being the King in future.

The White Hart Showed Itself To Rhaenyra

The White Hart- House of the Dragon Episode 3

The White Hart- House of the Dragon Episode 3

When King’s entire team of huntsmen were looking for this white stag to corner and hunt it for Aegon’s sake, they ended up cornering a brown one instead. All their efforts went in vain, and everyone else had to satisfy themselves by killing a big usual stag.

Later in the episode, we saw Rhaenyra spotting the White Hart. While Ser Criston Cole was about to draw his sword, Rhaenyra instructs him to let it go. There was a momentary stare between the King of King’s Wood and Heir to the Iron Throne. The symbol of royalty was attracted towards Rhaenyra, and not towards fulfilling the thoughtful rituals for Aegon.

It is probably the sign by all Gods that Rhaenyra will be the Queen to Iron Throne, and everyone else will have no alternative but to obey her. Otto constantly mentioned King Viserys that gods must have favoured Aegon by sending the White Hart. But, whom did the Gods actually favoured? The answer is pretty evident!