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House of the Dragon Ep 4: Will Rhaenyra’s Marriage Compromise Her Chances To Be The Heir?

By Sumit Sahu
September 16,2022

After House of the Dragon episode 4, Rhaenyra’s maidenhood is being questioned now. She was with Daemon and they had the little romantic connection between them, but it is still unclear whether it was in Daemon’s thoughts or was real.

Rhaenyra and Daemon

Rhaenyra and Daemon

If it was real, then Rhaenyra lied to everyone that she and Daemon had nothing between them. But the urge for Rhaenyra to come back and make love with Ser Criston Cole, felt like Princess had the taste of pleasure and didn’t wanted it to fall short without the climax.

But all of this has eventually led her to agree for marriage, as she is left with no choice. Her name was being tossed around the seven kingdoms, and the only way out was to get her married and shut the mouths of all filthy rumor spreaders.

Will Her Marriage Compromise Her Chances To Be The Heir?

Boremund Baratheon advises Princess Rhaenyra

Boremund Baratheon advises Princess Rhaenyra

As Otto Hightower is now banished from the kingdom and his duties, he is now furious towards the King. He advises his daughter to prepare Aegon to rule, because if Rhaenyra sits on the throne, then war will follow. We saw the same in Episode 5 preview of House of the Dragon.

If Rhaenyra gets married to an eligible prince, then Alicent Hightower will leave no chance of turning the King against his daughter and declare Aegon as his heir. Her thread of friendship was about to break because Rhaenyra got her father expelled from his duties with shame and banishment.

No girl is going to take that disrespect to her father’s name. And this is what will lead her to compromise Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne. Alicent will be the next Cersei Lannister of House of the Dragon. Every innocent face has a wilder side, and we will surely be witnessing it as the series advances further.

Rhaenyra Must Dodge Marriage!

Laenor Valyrion with Rhaenyra

Rhaenyra needs to stay back and fight her way to win the throne. Getting married is only going to complicate her position to Aegon. Even though she never asked for the throne at the first place, but now it seems like she loves the idea of being the Queen. And this is something she might not intend to give away so easily.

Rhaenyra is courageous, but is still unaware of the throne politics. We must wait, not much longer, to see if Rhaenyra thinks through how she can manage to hold onto being the heir while getting married to a Prince from other houses.