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House of The Dragon Episode 4 Sees Rhaenyra Give In To Her Desires

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 12,2022

In Episode 4 of House of the Dragon, we see Princess Rhaenyra slipping into street clothes and leaving the palace to go exploring the city with his uncle Daemon, blending in with the population and, get this, visiting a brothel.

After staring at one other’s privates for some time, the duo started to feel it. They don’t go very far, nevertheless, and upon Rhaenyra’s arrival to the chamber, she plays and then has intercourse with her loyal Ser Criston.

Wait for real? Hmm!!

Rhaenrya Explored a Little Too Much Than The City

Princess Rhaenyra and Daemon

Princess Rhaenyra and Daemon explore Westeros together

Rhaenyra sneaked out of her chamber via a hidden passage and past Ser Criston Cole, who’d been standing watch outside. The hidden entrance had been shown to her by Daemon. He planned on showing her a side of life she had never seen before. He immersed Rhaenyra in the everyday lives of the regular people, allowing her to experience prejudice personally. She saw a performance that said Viserys’s and Alicent’s kid, Aegon II, was better qualified to rule than their own. The thought of a female ruler was still not acceptable to most people.

They saw her as a helpless and inept female. It was clear to Rhaenyra that she had much more potential than the average heiress gave herself credit for. The others surrounding her, however, did not recognize this. The blinders of sexism were over their hearts, and they weren’t yet ready to embrace radical change.


Brothel in House of the Dragon

Afterward, we see Daemon taking her niece to a brothel. Indulging their desires, the two enjoy a passionate embrace that goes much beyond the typical dynamics of an uncle-niece relationship. They start taking their clothes off, with Daemon leading Rhaenyra to a corner and then spinning her around while she’s undressed.

Daemon, meanwhile, starts to find the encounter uncomfortable, so Rhaenyra reverses and chases after him. Daemon, however, had an internal rupture. In the midst of it all, he halted. He was well aware that their deeds would tarnish her reputation to the point that no other prince will wish to court her.

It would seem that Rhaenyra and Daemon are passionately caressing, which is a sign that neither of them is willing to do what is necessary to secure the throne. Each one is satisfied with their own desires. We give Daemon very little credit, the fact that he thought about Rhaenyra’s reputation convinces the audience that behind his Rogue Prince attitude he still cares for his family and their reputation.

Criston Cole and Rhaenyra Finally Did It

Sir Cristen Cole

Sir Cristen Cole in House of the Dragon

Before being wedded, it was looked down upon to engage in sexual activity with someone other than one’s spouse. In addition, their familial ties forbade them from doing so, despite certain historical examples to the contrary. Daemon had enough and walked away. Ser Criston Cole was taken aback when Rhaenyra didn’t come out of her chamber after going to check on her. Rhaenyra summoned Criston Cole indoors.

The future queen had no restraints at all. She had a proclivity to indulge her own impulses. At the outset, Criston Cole was reluctant to do what Rhaenyra asked since it went against the defined rules of his position. The fact that they nonetheless gave in to their sexual urges shows how much they value morality.

Princess Rhaenyra , and Cristen Cole

Princess Rhaenyra, and Cristen Cole at Storm’s End

Criston had already made clear that he and his household owe it all to Rhaenyra. When she put his name into the White Book, she altered the course of history for Cole’s family. And here she is, putting that distinction in jeopardy.

Criston’s inner voice reads like a protracted guttural roar as he first fights against doing as instructed, then relents, then fights again, and finally gives in, setting down his armor and tenderly picking up his princess. This passionate embrace stands in stark contrast to Viserys and Alicent’s emotionless fidelity.