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House Of The Dragon Episode 4: Trailer Breakdown

By Sumit Sahu
September 5,2022

House of the Dragon episode 3 was thrilling with lot of political discussions. But, the episode 4 is going to touch even deeper matters. With Aegon II, Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne has already been challenged.

No one wants a woman to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Everyone is now doubting on the decision that King Viserys made. He even questions himself, if he was wrong to decide in grief.

Let’s break down the 4th episode preview of House of the Dragon to try and understand what might just happen next.

“From My Blood, Comes The Prince That Was Promised, And His Will Be The Song Of Ice And Fire”

Song of Ice and Fire Reference

Song of Ice and Fire Reference

A direct reference to Jon Snow, who is the lost son of the Targaryen family. Game of Thrones gave an insight that his true name was Aegon Targaryen of his time, but the books might have named it Aemon Targaryen.

Irrespective of the names here, we are glad to possibly have a reference to Jon Snow, who will recite the song of Ice and Fire, the prophecy made long ago. Rhaenyra is seen heating up a blade and reading this phrase, as if someone is telling her about her worth in the future.

The King Of The Narrow Sea

King of the Narrow Sea

King of the Narrow Sea

After Daemon won the war at step-stones, he was crowned as the King of the Narrow Sea. And in the preview, he comes to pay a visit to his brother, with the crown on. He might be there to tell him that he never needed his aid, and was having everything under control.

We might see a rant between two brothers about how King Viserys is trying to show Daemon as weak and incapable of fighting a war. Although King had no such intentions, it is Daemon who has corroded thoughts after his banishment.

The Discomforting News

Vile Accusation

Vile Accusation

In the book, you will read that there goes a Rumor that Rhaenyra lost her virginity to her uncle Daemon. It sounds horrific, but Rhaenyra being the heir to Iron Throne is now a target for everyone. This rumor was obviously to weaken her claim to the Iron Throne.

King Viserys seems supportive towards his daughter and says he would pop the eyes out of people who have sourced this rumor. Rhaenyra believes this is a very vile accusation. No one expected that this rumor would come so soon to the TV series. But, time jumps will be frequent for next couple of episodes.

Otto Hightower informs this news to King Viserys. Probably, he is the one who might have sourced this rumour to ensure that his grandson can strengthen his claim to the Iron Throne.

This is all that is evident and clear by the preview of House of the Dragon episode 4. We have to wait to see what actually drives all of these interesting instances in the forthcoming episode.